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Ways To Make Homemade Natural Concealers

By Debdatta Mazumder

Makeup is the basic need of women when you go out for work or any other reason & using home made natural concealers is a plus point. If you are not a person of too much cosmetics, a little eyeliner, lipstick and powder are must that you apply. Now, makeup depends on the occasion.

If you are going to office or any formal meeting, you will like to keep it less while a marriage or occasion like that gives you chance to put on cosmetics to look beautiful.

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Now, the cosmetics you use are full of unknown chemicals which have negative effects on your skin. Sometimes you may have noticed that after wiping off the makeup, there are rashes, itching, swelling or redness on your skin. These happen because of the chemicals.

Still, to hide the scars or spots you have to put at least concealers and highlighters. Therefore homemade natural concealers and highlighters are here to solve your problem.

Have some time in your hand and make the makeup products at home. The chances of skin irritation will become lesser than using the products available in the market. Moreover, you can save money from buying those products.

How can you make homemade organic concealer? The processes are little tricky but if you go through the following ways, you will know that there is nothing difficult in making homemade natural concealers. So, here are some tips on homemade organic concealer and highlighter-

1. With Shea Butter And Aloe vera, Zinc-oxide

It is a common product while making homemade natural concealers. Let’s see how it works with aloe vera and shea butter. Mix aloe vera gel and shea butter with zinc-oxide. Mix the ingredients and preserve in a pot. This concealer will give you a cream base effect.

2. With Arrowroot

To make this homemade organic concealer, you need arrowroot powder as base. For dark complexion use 1 tsp., 1 tbs. for light ones. Add cocoa powder, cinnamon powder or nutmeg to get the appropriate tone. If you want a cream base, apply jojoba or coconut oil to it.

3. How To Make Highlighter

Not only homemade natural concealers, you can also make highlighter at home. Take little eye shadow of your desired colour in a bowl. Pour 2-3 drops of body lotion or 4-5 drops of face lotion into it. Mix the ingredients well and you will get smooth highlighter.

4. Another Tip On Concealer

Homemade concealers can be prepared by cream and unblended mica. Choose the mica according to your skin tone. Now, blend the mica smoothly. Then, mix it with the crème base and stir well so that no lumps are formed. Preserve in an air-tight pot.

5. With Blush And Moisturiser

Take moisturizer in a bowl. Add small amount of blush into it. It must be according to your skin tone. For dark complexion take bronze or baize and for fairer one pink, pearl or peach will be good choice. Mix well and it’s ready to apply.

So, here are some ways to make homemade natural concealers. Always use brush to apply cosmetics on your face as it gives you a smooth texture. Remember, though you have made the products at home, try those at little proportion on the area of your elbow or palm. If you feel any kind of irritation or itching, its better not use it.

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