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Treat Your Skin Issues Using Tomatoes

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The main reason why using tomato for skin makes sense is because of lycopene in them. Also, when your diet contains tomatoes, you can slow down ageing as they help your skin absorb oxygen.

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When you use them on your skin, they help lighten your complexion and protect your skin from sun tan. If you are bored with all skin care routines, you can simply try skin care using tomatoes. Simply applying tomato pulp on your face can also work wonders.

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Tomatoes are affordable and available in almost all seasons. They can be used in masks, face packs and also scrubs.As tomatoes contain Vitamins and anti-oxidants, they are good for your skin.They can cleanse your skin, shrink those pores, cure acne and a do a lot more. Now, let us discuss skin care with tomatoes.


Shrink Your Pores

Mix tomato pulp with lemon juice and smear the mixture on your face. After 15 minutes, wash your face with cold water.


Cure Acne Using Tomato

Slice one tomato and start smearing one piece on your face gently in circular motion. As it contains, Vitamin C and A it can effectively treat the breakouts. After 15 minutes, wash your skin and try this remedy 3-4 times a week.


Exfoliation With Tomato

Take half a teaspoon of sugar and slice a tomato. Take one piece of the tomato and sprinkle the sugar on it and start scrubbing your face gently. Your skin starts glowing after dead skin cells are removed.


For Oily Skin

Tomato when mixed with cucumber and applied on skin can work wonders for oily skin. Try this remedy.


For Glowing Skin

If you wish to make your skin glowing, treat it with a mixture of tomato pulp and honey. Wash it after 15 minutes to find the difference.


Treating Sunburn

Treat the areas that suffered sunburn with a mixture of tomato pulp and yogurt. You can allow it there for 10 minutes before washing.


Tomato Face Pack

You can prepare a face pack by mixing tomato pulp, oatmeal and curd. Your skin will be clear and blemish-free with this remedy.

These are a few tips. If you know of any, please share them with us.

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