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    10 Butter Face Packs For Skin


    The yummy butter you apply on bread can now be used on your face to give you an instant glow. You might be shocked with this, but experts believe it is the best ingredient to also get rid of oily skin. Butter is a natural remedy to treat dry skin too.

    When you apply butter to your skin, there are certain ingredients you need to mix with it so that the effect is more positive. Using butter on your skin will also make your face seem oily at first, but with the help of the added ingredient it will seem a lot better.

    Though it is a natural remedy to treat all kinds of skin problems, it is safer to test if your skin is okay with it. Here are some of the perfect ways to use butter face pack on your skin for all purposes. Take a look.


    Butter With Olive Oil

    Take 2 tbsp of butter in a bowl. Add a tbsp of olive oil and give it a good mix. Now apply this mixture to your face and leave in for 15 minutes. This face pack will give you an instant glow.


    Butter With Milk

    The best butter face pack for oily skin is this. In a bowl of milk add a tbsp of butter. Whisk the ingredients and then apply it to your face. Repeat the pack twice in a week to get good results.


    Butter With Cream

    Butter mixed with fresh cream will also help to give you an instant glow. Massage your face with this ingredient twice in a week.


    Butter With Curd

    Butter is added to a cup of curd. The ingredients are mixed well and then used as a face pack to treat dry skin.


    Butter With Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil is added to 2 tbsp of butter. This mixture is very oily and therefore should be kept as a face pack for not more than 10 minutes. Remove with a cotton swab followed by a cold rinse.


    Butter With Almonds

    Crush a handful of almonds. The powder is then added to a bowl of 3tbsp butter. Make sure the powder is mixed well with the butter to use as a face pack.


    Butter With Carrot

    Take two carrots and grate it. Extract all the juice. Add the juice to the butter and use this ingredient as a face pack to give you an instant glow. It helps to improve complexion.


    Butter With Salt

    Add 3tbsp to 2 tbsp of butter. Mix these ingredients well so that the salt is still rough as a face pack. Apply on the face and wash after 15 minutes. This will help to remove all the dead skin too.


    Butter With Papaya Pulp

    Papaya is made into pulp and added to 2 tbsp of butter. This butter face pack is then used on your skin to treat it if dry.


    Butter With Bitter Pulp

    Make a pulp out of bitter gourd. Use the pulp as a base on your face followed by a butter pack. This mixture helps in treating oily skin.

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