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How To Revive Tired Skin

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After a few sleepless nights or tiresome days, your skin may look dull and lifeless. Also, when you expose your skin to harsh weather or pollution, it loses its glow.

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Your skin may also look dull when you neglect your skin care routine. Also, when you consume unhealthy diet or accumulate toxins in your body, your skin loses its glow. Frankly speaking, your skin may sometimes look dull for no particular reason.

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Well, how to revive tired dull skin? Is there any simple remedy? Are there any steps that can instantly change the look of the skin? Well, there are some good ideas. Here are they....


Stimulate Blood Circulation

In order to restore the vitality of your skin, the first thing to do is to boost the circulation to the skin cells. This may also indirectly help your system to flush out toxins which generally make your skin look dull. Massage your skin to boost circulation from outside and start jogging to boost the circulation from inside.



Scrubbing your skin can also give it an instant cleansing effect. Dull skin can look revived instantly after scrubbing.


Brush Your Skin

Before you start taking a bath brush your skin with a dry brush. Keep it gentle so that your skin doesn't get hurt. Brushing can also boost circulation.


Use A Moisturiser

After a massage and a scrub, moisturise your skin. Hydrated skin will always look better than dry and lifeless skin.


Breathe Deeply

Get some air into your lungs and give some oxygen to your system by breathing deeply. This can do good for your skin.


Clean The Insides

Avoid consuming caffeine and sugary beverages to keep your insides clean. Eat a fibre-rich meal to start your internal cleansing which reflects on your skin.


Wash Your Face With Milk

How to get rid of tired dull skin? Well, wash your face with milk. This is one of easiest way to make your skin glow instantly.

These are just a few tips to revive tired skin. If you know of any, please share them with us.

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Story first published: Monday, October 12, 2015, 2:02 [IST]
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