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Get Rid Of Pimples Behind Your Ear


If you have large pimples behind ears, it would be very painful to even do anything about them. These annoying pimples can even make your skin swell in the affected area.

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What causes pimples behind ears? Sometimes, when your hair isn't clean, the microorganisms may overgrow and cause pimples. Also, if your oil glands are overactive, the chances of sweat pimples behind ears may increase.

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Clean skin and a healing beauty routine can minimise the breakouts anywhere on your skin. As the reason behind the occurrence of pimples is the same anywhere on your skin, you need to address the problem carefully.So, what to do to get rid of the pimples behind ears. Well, read on to know that.


Use Alcohol

Alcohol can effectively kill bacteria on acne prone skin. Use a piece of cotton dipped in alcohol to wipe that area clean.


Use Hot Water

Dip a clean cloth in hot water and rub it against the pimple. The dirt can be washed out and the pores get wider. The place becomes dry and the pimple goes dead.


Use Egg White

Egg white is good for your skin as it contains minerals like zinc and many vitamins. Smear it on the affected area and wash after 20 minutes.


Lemon Juice

We all know that citrus fruits are skin-friendly. Applying lemon juice can help clear the oil in the affected area and make the skin firm. Also, the bacteria in that area can be eliminated. Leave lemon juice for 10 minutes in that area and rinse using cold water.


Keep Your Hair Clean

Unwashed hair can breed bacteria and fungus which may also cause pimples behind ears. Washing your hair regularly may help.


Never Pop It

Don't touch the pimples or try to burst it with hands as it isn't a good practice. Also, the bacteria in your nails can aggravate the situation.


Use Milk

Milk can help the skin by clearing dead skin in that area. When pores unclog, the healing gets easier.

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Story first published: Sunday, October 25, 2015, 11:53 [IST]
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