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    Using Castor Oil For Skin Care


    Do you know the fact that many people use castor oil for skin care? Well, this oil that is extracted from the castor seeds contains healing abilities. In fact, some people also use it to treat constipation. But using it for skin problems is surely beneficial.

    Benefits Of Castor Oil On Your Hair

    You can try this oil on your skin especially if you have wrinkles and other other skin problems. So, this oil is rich in nutrients like anti-oxidants, vitamin E and minerals. Your skin will stay healthy if you use it regularly. This oil also works well in treating certain types of fungal infections. If you wish to use this oil, try to get the unprocessed types because the processed type contains fewer nutrients. If your skin is sensitive, don't us this oil unless you talk to a skin specialist. Now, let us discuss about the benefits of castor oil for skin.

    Using Castor Oil For Skin Care

    Benefits Of Castor Oil For Skin Care

    Skin Care
    Certain skin issues can be treated by castor oil. As this oil contains both anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties applying it on the skin proves to be effective for certain skin issues. In fact this oil works well for inflammation, irritation and itching too. This is why many people use castor oil for skin care.

    Dry Skin
    In India, some people use this oil as a remedy to treat dry skin. It helps the skin in maintaining moisture levels and this helps prevent dryness.

    Cracked Heels
    If you are suffering from cracked heels, you can try this remedy. First, apply castor oil on the cracked skin on your heels. Then allow your feet to soak for some time in warm water. Your skin tends to get softer if you follow this remedy.

    Skin Problems
    If you are suffering from acne, try castor oil on the affected area. Your skin tends to get softer and clear after applying castor oil. This is the reason why it is used as an ingredient in certain soaps and moisturisers. You can heal your skin with the help of castor oil.

    If you have any scars on your skin, try massaging castor oil on them. Your skin will surely change a bit after trying this remedy for some time. This is one of the benefits of castor oil for skin care.

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    Story first published: Thursday, March 12, 2015, 17:29 [IST]
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