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Beauty Benefits Of Going Bare Faced

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Makeup is something that we all use. Sometimes, to hide our flaws or, at times, to add that extra beautiful effect to ourselves. In order to look gorgeous, we tend to use a lot of makeup.

Going bare faced without makeup gives a jittery feel to any girl. However, did you know that there are few benefits of going bare faced? Well, yes. Studies reveal that there are many beauty benefits of skipping the everyday makeup regimen.

Bare-faced beauty is all about keeping your skin healthy and taking care of your body from within. No doubt we feel confident when we use makeup, but sometimes we need to realise that our skin needs to breathe as well.

Skipping your makeup for even a single day helps in improving your skin condition drastically. So, it is recommended that you know the various benefits of going bare faced at least once a week.

Read on to know more about the various benefits of going bare faced.

Give Skin A Break!
Makeup often sits on your skin and blocks your pores. This eventually can lead to skin breakouts and acne. If you do not remove the makeup properly, the skin fails to breathe properly. Ditch the makeup every now and then and see the result. You will have a fresh look with a healthy skin.

Give Skin A Break!

No Breakouts
Clogged pores often cause breakouts. Having makeup-free days in your daily life helps to reduce these acne breakouts. This is the most effective tip for people suffering from adulthood pesky pimples.

Soakup Skin Care
When you go bare faced, it does not mean that you should not apply anything. Remember that skin needs to be nourished and kept moist. Apply a good amount of moisturiser and see the freckles and wrinkles get lesser and lesser day by day.

Soakup Skin Care
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Younger Look
No doubt makeup makes you look gorgeous, but it also adds several years to your appearance. To avoid this, you can use less makeup or just go sans! This helps to shave years off just like that.

Saves Time
You need not have to spend long hours in getting ready. Sometimes, women tend to miss out on important meetings when they think that they are not ready. Going bare faced is not only daring but also time saving. So, do not hesitate to go bare faced the next time.

Going bare faced
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These are few of the benefits of going bare faced. If you have any suggestions to share, do share them with us in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Monday, November 30, 2015, 23:05 [IST]
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