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7 Bad Beauty Habits To Avoid Immediately


We all follow the common makeup and beauty regimen without knowing what is good or bad for us and also ignore some important areas of our skin.

We commit beauty mistakes easily and live in the belief that they are right and may help us. However, this article will be an eye opener for all ladies who love to pamper themselves with makeup.

Makeup and beauty mistakes can be easily avoided if you have enough knowledge about it. Sometimes, we are in hurry and unknowingly may commit some beauty mistakes, doing them frequently may ruin your beauty in the long run.

In this article, we have mentioned some beauty mistakes, which you may think are right and enhance your beauty. However, stop these beauty habits as soon as possible, as following them permanently can damage your skin and hair to a great extent.

After a certain age, you need to take a proper care of your skin, otherwise you may notice some early ageing signs on your skin. These makeup mistakes may also lead to wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. Therefore, make sure to avoid them immediately.

Scroll down to know the beauty and makeup mistakes that you must avoid.


Excessive Scrubbing Of The Skin

Scrubbing removes the dead skin cells and the trapped dirt from within the skin pores. However, excessive scrubbing may result in skin damage, as the scrub particles may scratch your skin and make it dry. Always apply a moisturiser after scrubbing your face.


Applying Pencil Eye Liner On The Edge Of The Lower Lid

This is common among most girls who like to apply kajal on the edge of the lower lid. If you are doing this, make sure that the eye pencil has a clean, soft and round tip. If the tip of the pencil is sharp or full of pencil fragments, it can tear the delicate rim of the eyes. It can result in eye infections as well.


Neglecting The Cleavage

This is a delicate area of your skin and it also needs proper care, as the skin of your face. It can show the signs of ageing and age spots if left untreated. This is among the common beauty mistakes that can really take a toll on your skin. Make sure to take care of this sensitive skin area.


Applying Foundation Without Base

Applying foundation directly on your skin results in wrinkles, fine lines, acne and pimples. The foundation can directly enter the skin pores and clog them. A foundation base offers a protective coating on your skin and also helps in the even distribution of the foundation on your skin.


Combing Wet Hair

Your hair is most delicate when wet. It can stretch more while combing when it is wet. This results in split ends and hair breakage. Make sure you apply a hair serum before combing to detangle your hair.


Using Dirty Brushes

Makeup brushes are the most needed makeup essentials, as they help in blending the makeup on your skin, so that it looks even. A dirty brush can cause many skin infections and acne. Make sure that you clean your brush properly and don't share it with others.


Not Removing Makeup At Night

If you don't clean your makeup before going to the bed, the pillow can press the makeup inside your skin pores. This can result in clogging of skin pores and acne. Remove your eye makeup as well, since your eyes are the most sensitive parts of your face.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 8, 2015, 12:31 [IST]
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