Avoid These Common Mistakes On Your Face

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We all believe on certain things that are common among folks, such as if our friend buys a certain beauty product we also end up in buying the same, believing that it will be good for us too. There are many other such similar mistakes we're doing, which we are totally unaware about.

Buying costly skin care products, by assuming that they are best for our skin, is also a skin care mistake. Costlier products are more laden with chemicals than the average-cost ones. In this way, we end up wasting money and this in turn damages our skin to a great extent.

Make-Up Removal Mistakes To Avoid

If we have oily skin, we avoid all moisturisers that nourish the skin. This can make an oily skin prone to certain skin damages, as it also needs oiling and moisturisation, especially after washing the face or bathing. In this article, we have mentioned such similar common skin care mistakes that you must avoid.

Today, we will help you in knowing if the methods you were following for skin care was actually good for you or not. Have a look at some common skin care mistakes that you should avoid.

Common Shower Mistakes To Avoid


Using Costly Skin Care Products

It is a common myth that expensive skin care products are of high and good quality. However, a research has shown that low-cost products can be more safe as compared to the costlier ones. Low-cost products can maintain the same quality and have lesser chemicals as compared to the costlier ones. Now, you can decide if the cost is important or your face?


Not Oiling Your Oily Skin

It is a common notion to avoid moisturising and oiling your face, if you have an oily skin. This may damage your skin, especially if you don't moisturise it after having a bath or washing your face. You must apply a good moisturising cream (oily or oil free) on your skin, irrespective of its type.


Ignoring Your Skin Type

You must know the type of your skin. This helps you in taking care of your skin in a more appropriate manner and also helps you in selecting products that suit your skin type. This is one of the common skin care mistakes to avoid.


Avoiding Chemical Scrubbing

You must exfoliate your face regularly rather than overdoing it all at once. Harsh scrubbing can damage your face and it is better to go in for mild scrubbing daily. Chemical exfoliants are a must for your skin, as they contain glycolic and alpha-hydroxyl acids that dissolve the dead skin cells and unclog the pores.


Using Products Containing Sodium Lauryl Sulphate

Soap and most face washes contain sodium lauryl sulphate in them. It has corrosive action on your skin, which means that it can hurt your skin and make it pale. Check out for this chemical in face washes and avoid soaps for washing your face, as all soaps may contain this chemical.


Relying On Makeup Cleaning Wipes Only

Use makeup wipes to clean the makeup, only when there is no water available. The makeup cleansing wipes contain many chemicals that may remove makeup faster; however, can leave some residues in the skin pores, causing acne and skin infections.


Not Using Sunscreen In Cloudy Weather

One of the common skin care mistakes is not applying a sunscreen during cloudy weather. We may all avoid applying sunscreen in cold and cloudy weather. However, it is not good for your skin, and, indeed, sun rays are more powerful in cloudy weather, as they peep through the clouds. UV rays may cause a lot of damage to your skin during cloudy weather. Never avoid your sunscreen in a foggy or misty season.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 26, 2015, 15:30 [IST]
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