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7 Ways To Handle Delicate Skin Around Your Eyes

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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It is said that the eyes are the speakers of your heart. When two people are deeply in love, no words are needed to express your feelings. Eyes say it all. Now, if you have wrinkled, dry and pale skin around your eyes, that won't convey your message to your partner as he/she can get distracted by the irritated looks. So, it is very important to know about ways to handle the delicate skin around your eyes.

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There are lots of remedies for delicate skin around eyes. Before knowing that, you need to know the problems that can hamper the smoothness of under eye area. With growing age, you will have fine lines and wrinkles. But often, young people also suffer the same problem. Also, under eye portion get drier than usual. This may happen due to any eczema or skin diseases. Generally, the skin around your eyes is thinner than the rest of your skin. So, you should take special care.

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You don't need any critical methods to take care of your skin around eyes. Any simple remedies for delicate skin around eyes can solve your problem. For example, if you feel itchiness near your eyes, don't rub harshly. That can hamper the smoothness of the skin. Have a look at the 7 ways to handle the delicate skin around your eyes.


Remove Dark Circles

This problem can happen at any age. Dark patches around your eyes can disturb your look. It can happen due to stress, lack of sleep, pregnancy etc. Try products with vitamins and antioxidants to remove it.


Have A Healthy Diet

Always applying any product is not enough. You need more fruitful remedies for delicate skin around eyes. Keep fruits and veggies in your regular diet as much as possible. If you are internally healthy, you can get rid of any skin irritation easily.


Let the Skin Breathe

Don't use too much make up on your eyes. Repetitive use of eye liner, mascara or eye shadow can make the skin look pale and sick. Also, the chemicals in those products can cause skin diseases like eczema. It is very important to let the skin breathe well.


Use Sunglasses

Consider this as the most important method among the ways to handle delicate skin around your eyes. Harmful rays can cause sunburn to the skin under your eyes and leave you with dark patches and wrinkles. Never go out in the sun without sunglasses.


Try Home Remedies

Often you try chemical products to get rid of any eye related problems. It is better to go for home remedies. For example, use the paste of potato peels under eyes to get smooth skin.


Use Under-Eye Cream

You suffer lots of stress throughout the day. You have to spend a long time before computer. So, why not use a branded under-eye cream before going to bed? As you can take rest throughout the night, the cream can work effectively and keep your eyes afresh.


Hydrate It

In winter, the problem of dryness may arise. Always drink enough water and have splashes of water on your eyes. Repeat it as much as possible.

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