Weird Natural Beauty Tricks For Skin

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Who said you need beauty products to make yourself look beautiful, and get rid of skin problems. When you have the best ingredients in natural ways, why should you turn to harsh chemicals? These harsh beauty products are simply a waste of time and a waste of hard earned money. If you are looking to get smooth and supple skin, simply steal these gentle, back-to-basics weird beauty tricks to start looking your best.

Everywhere we go we hear a lot of people who tell us en number of things to get that perfect glow on your skin. We also hear people telling us about beauty tricks, but we are sometimes not certain if it will be of any help. However, fear not for these weird beauty tricks which are mentioned below for skin and body care will give you positive results in weeks if you follow it religiously.

Below are some of the beauty tricks you may or may not have come across. If you have not tried any of these weird beauty tricks which actually work, then it is time you do. These weird beauty tricks will help get rid of those skin problems by making use of these natural ways.


Cold spoons

The best way to avoid stray mascara marks is to hold a spoon curved out over your eyelid when applying mascara. The excess mascara goes onto the spoon and not on your eyelids. This is one weird beauty trick you can follow for a perfect mascara application.



The brown vegetable which is rich in starch can now help to reduce your puffy eyes. All you have to do is cut raw and peeled potatoes and place over your eyes for 6 minutes. This will help cool your eyes and decrease the swelling.



The best and weird beauty trick for cellulite is coffee. Ground coffee used as a scrub over the cellulite will help to get rid of that ugly skin. The caffeine present in the coffee helps to stimulate the skin cells and the scrub helps to get rid of dead skin.



The best and weird beauty trick for deep hair conditioning is mayonnaise. Use the eggless dip for your hair and leave in for 20 minutes. After you wash, blows dry your hair to get wavy hairstyle.



When your nail polish seems to dry with bubbles in it, all you have to do is squeeze a little lemon into the bottle. This will help to smoothen out the bubbles and thus give you a nice nail coat.



The best beauty trick to get rid of blister and chin acne is to rub the juice of an onion on the affected area. The juice contains a certain type of acid which will help get rid of these nasty skin problems.


Cold Water

If you are suffering from dry skin, soak your fingers in a bowl of ice water. You can add a pinch of salt to the water and use it as a scrub to remove the dead cells.


Coconut Oil

For a proper moisturiser and to get a soft glow on your face and neck, make use of coconut oil. Massage your face with hot for 10 minutes. This weird beauty trick actually works to get supple skin.



If you have pale nails and longing to make them shiny, the best and weird beauty trick is to massage your cuticles with butter. This will help to make your cuticles soft and it will also make your nails strong.



You may not have come across this weird beauty trick to get rid of scars. The best way to make your scars lighter is to apply ground nut paste and leave it for half an hour on a daily basis. It will gradually decrease the mark.

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Story first published: Saturday, July 20, 2013, 17:04 [IST]
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