Surprising Sulphur Benefits For The Skin

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When we end up with severe skin problems we are ready to try almost anything on our skin. Be it natural or chemical, any skin care product that solves our problems is alright with us. However, we do feel slightly safer using natural skin care products. Sulphur is not a chemical but a naturally occurring mineral. And like most other natural ingredients, natural sulphur has benefits for your skin.

Minerals help the skin recover from a number of problems. Particularly, sulphur has many benefits for your skin that may come as a surprise to you. Here are some of the sulphur benefits for your skin that you would like to watch out for.

Sulphur Benefits

Sulphur Benefits For Your Skin

Fights Acne
One of the main skin benefits of sulphur is that it fights acne. Acne is something we all suffer from time to time. And naturally occurring sulphur is one of the best ways to heal acne. Sulphur has healing anti-bacterial properties that helps cure acne from the very core.

Severe skin problems and infections can also be healed with sulphur. Lesions, itchy skin and chronic skin problems like eczema can all be healed by the medicinal properties of sulphur.

The benefits sulphur also extend to the skin on your scalp. If you are having scalp problems like dandruff then sulphur might be one of the best natural cures for it. In fact, almost all anti-dandruff shampoos do contain sulphur.

Sulphur is a skin mineral that helps you looking young well past your years. Sulphur is present in all your skin cells. The depletion of sulphur with age causes wrinkles and age spots, So if you want to defy age with flawless skin, you need to replenish the sulphur for your skin cells externally.

Now that we know the sulphur benefits for skin, let us come to the next question. Where do we get usable sulphur for our skin? Here are some of the natural and useable sources of sulphur for skin care.

Sources Of Sulphur For Skin Care

Hot Springs
One of the best known sources of natural sulphur for the skin is hot springs. That is why, bathing in natural hot springs is considered to be healthy for the skin and body too.

Onions contain good reserves of sulphur. That is why onion juice is said to be one of the most effective remedies for acne and dandruff.

Egg contains the highest amounts of sulphur. That is why egg face packs are great for the skin and keep you looking youthful for many years.

Try using these natural sources of sulphur to get flawless and younger looking skin.

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 9, 2013, 4:30 [IST]
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