12 Beauty Ingredients From Your Kitchen

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Beauty ingredients need not always be exotic in nature. Even the simple ingredients in your kitchen can help to enhance your beauty. Most of the home remedies for skin that we have inherited from our grandmothers are made from common kitchen ingredients. Usually fruits, vegetables, herbs and dairy products constitute safe beauty ingredients. After all, if they are safe enough to eat, they must be safe to apply on your skin.

The best part about these beauty ingredients found at home is that, they have no chemicals in them. When you apply turmeric on your skin, you know the exact composition of your fairness face mask. However, when you apply a fairness cream, you don't know what all is present in it. Even if cosmetic companies claim to make 'natural' products be can never be cent percent sure.

That is why it is much better to use these beauty ingredients from your kitchen for fairness, healing acne, getting rid of marks and various other skin treatments.

Here are some of the common kitchen ingredients that can be used for beauty treatments.



Turmeric is the ancient formula for spotless fairness. It is also antiseptic and thus heals skin infections and removes dark patches from the skin.



Tomato is citrus and thus very good for removing tan from your skin. Just rub a piece of tomato on your face to get rid of dark layer on your skin.



Milk is used for many beauty treatments. Milk nourishes the skin and hydrates it from within. It is also useful for making the skin soft and supple.



Salt are usually used in scrubs to exfoliate dead skin cells. Due to its coarse nature, salt makes a great scrubbing beauty ingredient. It also gives skin a boost of minerals.


Olive Oil

Olive oil is used both for cooking and skin care. The antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids in virgin olive oil delay ageing and helps to ease out wrinkles.



Onion is great ingredient for skin because it has zinc. Zinc is an anti-bacterial property that helps in healing skin infections easily.



Sugar, like salt makes great scrubs for your skin. The sticky element of sugar makes it a great exfoliator of dirt. Sugar can be used to prepare homemade peel-off facials and it also help in getting rid of facial hair.



Fresh cream adds a thick consistency to face packs and it helps to soften the skin. Cream facial are also associated with fresher and fairer skin.



Lemon is citrus, so it removes infections and sun tan. But lemon is also a great bleaching agent. It can be used in various fairness face packs.



Due to its granular texture, oats are great beauty ingredients for scrubs. You can use oats to clean the skin pores and allow them to breathe. This also reduces the break out of pimples.



Yoghurt is filled with the richness of milk and thus helps to soften skin. It is sour and has vitamin C, so it also helps to get rid of tan. Yoghurt also has a cooling effect on skin and absorbs excess oil from your face.



Cucumber's basic function is to cool your skin. Two pieces of cucumber are usually placed on the eyes when a face pack is applied on the face. This relaxes skin and prevents the occurrence of wrinkles.

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