Worst Places On The Body To Get Acne

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We all admit that getting acne anywhere on the body is a pain. However, some places are worse than others as far as acne is concerned. Not only is acne painful but it mars your whole look. Just imagine, you have to go for your close cousin's wedding and you get a pimple bang on the top of your nose. You'll be all dressed up but the thought of that awful zit will make you conscious.

Have you ever wondered which is the worst place on the body to get an acne?


Worst Places On The Body To Get Acne:

Hairline: The acne on your hairline may not be explicitly visible but it causes some more serious problems. You end up scratching the zits while combing your hair. As they are partially hidden by hair, we end up bursting them all the time.

Forehead: Acne on the face sprouts mostly in the T Zone (the forehead and the nose) where the oil glands are present. But the worst type of acne is the large one placed strategically at the centre of your forehead. It is like an ugly 'bindi' you don't ever want.

Just Under The Nose: As sweat and dirt accumulates under the curve of your nose, it is very common to get a pimple under that area. The awkward placement of the pimple not only hurt, but it also looks like your nose is strangely inflated.

Cave Of Your Chin: This is the most painful place on your face to get acne. It is obviously very visible and also, it hurts like hell when you make any kind of facial expressions.

Chest Acne: Would you like your cleavage to be spotted like a leopard? When this part of the body sprouts acne it becomes impossible to wear plunging necklines and show off your assets.

Upper Back Acne: You can hid lower back acne under your clothes but what about your upper back. This part of the body has lots of acne, making it difficult to fear fashion scooped back or low back dresses.

Butt Acne: This is the only part of your body where acne can be hidden safely; unless you wear a stringy bikini. However, it has other strategic problems. It is literally a 'pain in the ass' that makes sitting a painful affair.

These were the worst types of acne you can ever get. Which are the other parts of your body that are acne-prone?

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