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Sugar Scrub Recipes: For The Sweetest Skin

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Sugar Scrub Skin
Sugar for your skin was not always considered very beneficial. It is common knowledge now that too much sugar gives you wrinkles and obviously it makes you bulge. However, when it comes to making scrubs sugar is an irreplaceable ingredient. It's texture which is granular and consistency which is sticky makes it an apt inclusion in all beauty recipes for skin exfoliation. You can combine sugar with many different ingredients to give you different kinds of results for your skin.

Sugar for your skin will work wonders externally so instead of adding in to your beverages and expanding your waist; it is better for you to use sugar scrubs for your skin.

Sugar Recipes For Skin:

1. Sugar And Lemon: Do you have lots of acne on your face and just don't know what to do about it? This this home remedy for acne will certainly help you. It is a great beauty recipe for skin that has lots of break outs. You are generally scared to scrub your face because of the pimples but as this homemade scrub is totally natural, the sugar will melt in once you rub it for a while. Lemon on the other hand is the best natural disinfectant to cure acne.

2. Sugar And Olive Oil: If you have dry skin then just lemon and sugar will not do. It is often the layer of dead skin cells makes the skin look dry and lifeless. Your skin needs sugar with the hydrating presence of virgin olive oil. Whip up a mixture of sugar, olive oil and a little honey so that the scrub is not all runny on your face. Rub it in circular motion over your face and wash off.

3. Sugar, Rosemary Oil And Mint: If you want that eternally fresh look even in the heat of the summers then you will have to cool your skin. What is better to cool your skin than refreshing mint? Mix sugar in rosemary oil (if you can't find it then use coconut or almond oil) and crush some fresh mint twigs in it. Use this cooling green sugar scrub on your face to look fresh all day long.

4. Sugar And Coffee: We are not asking you how much sugar you take in your coffee, this totally edible and delicious scrub recipe gives you silky soft skin in the prickly heat of the summers. If your complexion has been becoming dull under the wrath of the heat, just mix 2 spoons of coffee with a spoon of sugar and whip it with a little water. What you get is scrub to brighten your complexion substantially.

5. Sugar And The Dairy Whitener: When you mix the sweetners, sugar and honey with the curd what you get is a smoothie. In this case, it will be a face scrub that will get rid of your early summer tan.

Use these recipes of sugar for your skin to get all the benefits it has to offer.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 14, 2012, 10:13 [IST]
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