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How To Get Glowing Fair Skin In Winter?

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Fair Skin Winter
Although summer is the time you tan the most, it is the winter makes you think hardest for how to get fair. The kind of complexion you associate with lack of exposure to the sun is a deathly paleness. You start missing the healthy glow of sun kissed skin in the winters when you are all wrapped up and 'sick' looking. The main cause of concern is the use of cold creams that gives moisture but also puts a shadow of dust and pollution on face making it look darker.

Here are some natural recipes to get fair skin in the cold season without losing moisture or the lustre of your skin.

Tips To Get Fair Skin During Winters:

1. Use body oils to massage your skin instead of artificial creams. You can massage your body with a soothing oil like olive oil or mustard oil half an hour before you bathe. This ensures that the oil gets soaked into your skin and the will continue to give your skin moisture even after you bathe. The plus point is that you can wash way the oiliness and grease from your skin but retain the moisture.

2. Body lotions are more appropriate for your skin during winters as compared to creams. Lotion is of liquid consistency and spreads smoother than cream. The cream due to its density will fortify a thick layer on your skin while the lotion will only make a thin film of protection.

3. Apply all the homemade face mask that are made with cream as the base of their natural skin recipes. Cream facial with honey will help you get fair skin and also hydrate your skin at the same time.

4. You need to make a clear segregation between your day cream and your night cream. You can use the thickest of creams at night to repair your rough dry skin in winter. Let it work on your skin while you enjoy your beauty sleep. But during the day you need to use a light cream that spreads quickly and absorbs well.

5. Bathing in piping hot water can also be a reason to lose some of your lustre during winters. Hot water dries out your skin and that makes you look rough. To cover it up you slap more cold cream on to your face and that makes you look darker than you are. To break this viscous circle you need to bathe in lukewarm water.

6. How many times use moisturize your skin is also import during the winters. If you have a traveling job then you should carry wet wipes to wipe your face every few hours so that the dust doesn't settle. But while you just wipe and forget in the summers, in the winters every time you do so you have to apply your day cream again.

Use these natural beauty tips to get glowing fair skin during winters.

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Story first published: Monday, January 16, 2012, 14:03 [IST]
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