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Facial Bleach Burns: Treatment & Tips

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Bleach Burn
Your beautician may convince you to undergo facial skin bleach to get rid of tan. The bleach cream when applied on skin may burn and feel itchy. She will tell you that it is common but when you return to home, you will find your face getting pink with burnt spots and rashes here and there. You can't take it easy as it is your face.

Bleach contains certain harsh chemicals that may burn skin and cause irritation so it is always best to get such treatment done rarely. Natural bleach ingredients like turmeric, yogurt and lemon are anyday better and mild for face.

Today, we will suggest a few tips on how to heal burns and natural skin care tips. Take a look.

Bleach Burn Treatment – Skin Care Tips

1. The first thing one needs to follow is wash face with cool running water. Avoid using soap or any lotion post wash.

2. Massaging the burnt area with a cube of ice will soothe the burns and make you feel less pain. Even the aloe vera gel can be refrigerated in the ice cube trays. The gel not only relieves bleach burns but also takes care of scars.

3. Do not expose your face to sunlight as the bleached skin may get itchy in reaction to the radiation and sweat and get damaged even more. Cleanse face with cold milk soaked cotton.

4. Wash face regularly with coconut water as it is the best bleach burn treatment. Coconut water prevents bleach scars and heals quickly.

5. Drink ash gourd juice or cucumber juice so that the body is well hydrated and cleanses skin internally.

If the rashes are too severe, seek help from the dermotologist. Some medicated creams and ointments can heal burns quickly or dry up skin (retinol creams). The bleach burn scar is peeled off or scrubed after few days.

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Story first published: Friday, February 3, 2012, 11:07 [IST]
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