Would You Get A Bird Poop Facial?

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If you were told to apply bird poop all over your face to make your skin glow, you would probably freak out. But looking at the way the Hollywood celebrities are going, the poop facial might actually work. This type of facial is done with bird's poop, preferably nightingale poop. It is also popularly called the geisha facial.

Poop facial is the latest trend in the beauty industry that uses various bizarre ingredients to make you look beautiful. Other such weird types of facial use menstrual blood and hot wax. So if you are going to rub some bird poop on your face, you deserve to know how it will help your skin.

Here are some of merits of the bird poop facial.

Bird Poop Facial
  • This facial is also called the Geisha facial because it originated in Japan. It is believed that the elegant geishas of Japan used this beauty treatment to stay beautiful well beyond their years.
  • This facial is done with nightingale droppings, rice bran and water. The rice bran is a coarse substance and thus serves the purpose of exfoliation.
  • The nightingale does not directly poop on your face. The most important ingredient for this facial is imported from Japanese nightingale farms.
  • The nightingales in these farms are fed only organic seeds so that their poop used for your facial is hundred per cent organic. The birds are also fed caterpillars sometimes.
  • The poop is first collected and then UV sterilised. This is done to get rid of the stink by removing the urea content in them. Then it is turned into a powder and send out to various places.
  • Poop facial is supposed to lighten your complexion. That is why the Geishas were also pale white. It is also supposed to heal sun damage on the skin and acne.
  • But most celebrities do this facial because of its immense anti-ageing properties. It leaves the skin smooth and shining.

Usual Suspects:

A little birdie told us that both Victoria and David Beckham are big fans of this facial. Tom Cruise is another Hollywood A-lister who gets poop facial regularly.

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Story first published: Monday, December 17, 2012, 11:10 [IST]
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