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Why You Need A Facial Toner?

What are your skin's basic needs? You clean, scrub and moisturise your skin, especially facial skin everyday. But there is something you are missing out on and that is using facial toners. Skin toning is a vital part of your daily skin care but most people miss out on it either because they are too lazy or they are ignorant. Using the best facial toners is nor an unnecessary luxury or an expensive fancy, it is very much essential. If you don't consider using a face wash to be a luxury then you can hardly consider facial toners in that category either.

Here are some really pressing reasons why you should be toning your skin and how you should do it.

Why you Should Use Facial Toners?

  • Unclogs Pores: Contrary to popular belief, facial toners do not 'close' the pores on the skin simply because it is not possible to close them. The pores on the skin cannot open up or close because there is no mechanism for it. However, toning removes the impurities from the skin so that they do not get sealed by a layer of moisturiser that you are about to apply. Especially when you use makeup this becomes more relevant.
  • Why Use Toner After Scrubbing? Usually a scrub is a grainy face wash which you use when your face is looking very dull. It removes the layer of dead skin cells and hardened impurities like black heads and white heads. So when the dead cells come off after abrasive rubbing the skin is left with enlarged pore size and skin toning absorbs the dirt left behind those dead cells.
  • Hydration: Have you ever felt that crease like pull on your facial skin after you wash your face at night? It is because most soap based face washes and especially scrubs make the skin dry; no matter how oily your skin is, it takes at least 30 minutes for your oil glands to produce those essential oils again. In its stead a toner can give the much needed moisture to your dehydrated skin.
  • Better Results From Moisturisers: When will a moisturiser work for your skin? Only when it gets a clean base to work on and more importantly, it gets absorbed into the layers of the skin. This can happen only when you use a facial toner to cleanse your skin that leaves the pores unclogged so that the moisturiser can penetrate the skin.
  • pH Balance Of Skin: Washing your face messes up the natural pH balance of the skin. This is because the skin reacts differently to different types of water. The water you are using may be too alkaline or acidic and then there is the question of the cleansing agent too. So basically there is a chance that your skin lacks oxygen after washing which can be prevented by using facial toners.

Follow the skin care tips given above and always use the best facial toners for your skin.

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Story first published: Monday, October 24, 2011, 11:02 [IST]
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