Aloe Vera Plant For Skin Care

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The best use for skin burns and wounds is by using natural remedies like that of the Aloe Vera plant. The Aloe Vera plant which can be grown at home just like any other ordinary plant can be used for a lot of purposes related to skin and body care. 

It is said that the consumption of aloe Vera juice is also beneficial for diabetes and to lower cholesterol. However, if the Aloe Vera juice is taken in excess it can lead to kidney damage.

Aloe Vera juice has to be consumed once in a while so that your health does not get ruined in a way. The other benefits of Aloe Vera gelis as follows.

1.The plant is used to cure skin burns – The next time you get a minor burn, try applying a piece of the aloe Vera plant over it. Gently place the aloe Vera gel over the burn and let it dry. Apply the Aloe vera gel to the damaged skin till however long it heals.

2.The plant is used to cure wounds – If you ever run out of dettol or shaving lotion perhaps you can always turn to the natural remedy which is the aloe Vera gel. It is good for small open wounds which will give you a cooling sensation thus healing it in no time.

3.The plant is used for blisters – It is said that the aloe Vera plant has 20 minerals and 75 nutrients which help to reduce the cause of infection on damaged skin. Used in cases where you have blisters on the body, the aloe Vera gel has to be rubbed gently on the blister which gives one a relief feeling from the pain most importantly. Blisters which appear in the mouth too can be cured by rubbing a piece of aloe Vera on it.

These are the benefits of the aloe Vera plant for skin and body care.

Story first published: Monday, January 17, 2011, 12:26 [IST]
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