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4 Alcoholic Beverages For Face Skin Care

Alcohol may be bad for health but does good for skin. Certain ingredients in these beverages clean up, soften skin, bring glow and maintain it youthful always. Take a look at the beauty recipes using alcoholic beverages for better and easy face skin care. We call it easy because of its availability.

It can be used as an ingredient in face packs and mask, effective natural toner, cleanser and an aftershave lotion. Here is the list.

4 Alcoholic Beverages For Face Skin Care - Alcohol Benefits

1. Wine: Wine facial is the most popular facial across world. The alcohol is best for skin care as it removes the dead cells from face and improve blood circulation. This makes skin glow and rejuvenate. The facial can be a homemade skin treatment by adding honey to red wine. It is applied and massaged for nearly an hour. The pigmentation, skin discolouring and tanning is curbed completely. (1 cup red wine, 2 tsps aloe vera gel and 2 tsps honey). After the pack dries, the skin is rinsed well with warm water.

2. Vodka: The colourless, odourless vodka can bring the lost radiance to your face. The clean up is essential to clear the skin, for removal of make up and make way for the cells to breathe. The more the skin breathes, it can repair better and make skin healthy. A cup of watermelon juice or ash gourd juice is mixed with vodka and some water. The mixture can be prepared in large quantities, strained and preserved for nearly 10 days.

3. Rum: Who can forget 'Bay Rum', the Pimeta racemosa extract contains good scent as well as antibacterial effect. Mixing some rum with milk cream can be a natural lotion for acne prone, dry skin. The anti bacterial property prevents pimples and other inflammation. For men, it is a good aftershave cream.

4. Whisky: The face Mask prepared using alcohol for skin care can protect wrinkles, blemishes and blackheads. A mixture of egg, lemon and whiskey can be applied like a mask, left to dry and rinsed well in warm water.

All in all, alcohol is best for skin care than for consumption so use everytime you want to look and maintain your beauty. The distilled drink will never stale or expire so applying the oldest alcoholic beverage is still fine.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 17, 2011, 14:49 [IST]
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