Do A Stripe-Tease With Your Clothes!

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Striped Clothes
No, we didn't say striptease, read carefully, it is stripe-tease and that too with your clothes on. So basically this not so erotic article is about what your options are with striped clothes. As you are a man you will probably think shirts, shirts and shirts. But actually these is much more to this kind of pattern on clothes than just shirts or formals. Stripes can make great casuals too. Actually if you are trying find out how to look slim and hide your 'software engineer' belly then this is the perfect choice of clothes for you to get experimental with.

Here are some of your options for wearing striped clothes.

Options For Wearing Striped Clothes:

1. The Eternal Striped Shirt: It is being considered eternal because men wear striped formal shirts eternally and endless until someone shakes them up by the lapel and says 'change'. Jokes apart, there is nothing wrong with being comfortable with one kind of pattern on clothes. If you are in a formal office set up then there is no such thing as 'overdoing it'. It is and will always be perfect for work.

2. Striped Pants: Now that not so much of a cliche, is it? If you are going for pinstripes then it is better to complete the look with a suit coat or blazer. If not then stay away from very dense and stark pin stripes. Light, partially visible sparse stripes are fashionably correct for the moment.

3. Never Mix Stripes: Just because stripes are in fashion, it is not an invitation to wear all kind of stripes together; that is a fashion disaster. Never mix two kinds of stripes together like horizontally striped shirt and vertically striped pant. Mixing patterns in clothes can make you look ridiculous.

4. Horizontal Stripes: Mostly, the striped clothes that you wear are vertically striped. This is especially true for men's formals. While vertical stripes give you height but if you want to know how to look slim then you must try horizontal stripes. It is really successful at camouflaging belly fat.

5. Get Stripes Into Your Casual: So far we have talked just about formals and the use of stripe patterns in clothes for office. But stripes look really cook and casual when you wear then on your beach parties and road trips too. Pinstriped three fourths for example are really fashionable. Wide horizontal stripes on your Sunday t-shirts too make you look bold rather then stuck up with formals all the time.

6. Strip Up Collars: It is not just your clothes that can be striped but also the accessories you use. A neatly striped tie with a plain shirt looks really nice. A striped scarf can change the look of your dress coat.

Use these fashion tips to stay ahead of times with striped clothes.

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Story first published: Friday, February 17, 2012, 15:24 [IST]
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