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Men Eyebrow
If you aren't aware, let's tell you that the metrosexual men of the generation shape and groom eyebrows. They also visit salons frequently and get the right arcs according to their face. Take a look to know more about men eyebrow shaping and grooming with these tips.

Some men are born with neat eyebrows while some look scary with the bushy archs. A simple tune up make them look clean and stylish. Many men shape their hair to get rid of the middle brow but it isn't necessary for each one as some may look good with middle brows.

All that men need to understand is that the eyebrow shaping rules for men is different from that of women. Take a look.

1. While taming your hair, it is best to clear the forehead hair and leave the eyebrows natural.

2. Do not shape it too much as it may turn out very girly.

3. For bushy eye brows, first thin out the middle and leavethe outer and inner eyebrow ends as it is.

4. When it comes to men eyebrows, do not make it too curvy instead shape it straight.

5. Tweezers can do a good job when it comes to shaping men eyebrows. Tweezers glasp hair and not slide it off completely.

6. Men can a bit of hair removing cream to the inner and outer eyebrows. Waxing is also not a bad idea as the skin isn't as soft as the women's.

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Story first published: Monday, August 22, 2011, 18:28 [IST]
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