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Fashion Tips For Skinny Men!

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Fashion Tips For Skinny Men
Fashion tips for men are very difficult to give. Firstly because we are not bothered and secondly, we think it we don't need them. But if you are a skinny guy then you will surely need these fashion tips for men. This is because choosing clothes for thin men is not a matter of joke. All clothing styles for men don't suit guys who are uncharacteristically scrawny. If you are one, you need very specific clothes made to fit for you or else you will be on your way to becoming the next fashion disaster of the decade!

Male fashion trends keep changing every season. However it is important to understand that you cannot make the most of all of these. Clothing styles for men are typically designed for guys who have a medium athletic build. This is in stark contrast with women clothing that is designed with a size zero model in mind. Since you are unfortunately born in the fashionably underprivileged sex and to top it all, are skinny, you have to chose clothes for thin men carefully.

Follow these simple fashion tips for men and you would be able to make smart picture of yourself.

Fashion Tips For Thin Men:

  • Skinny Jeans for Guys: You are lucky to be ultra thin. Not many guys can boast of carry off a tight skinny jeans like you can. This one of those old fashion trends that have come back in fashion. In your dad's college days it was called the 'drain piper pant' and for you its a skinny jeans. Your well endowed fellow men will look atrocious in then! So go on feel proud.
  • Converse shoes: The perfect accompaniment for skinny jeans. If you are really thin then the usual heavy sports shoes will look disparate on you. Go for colorful canvas shoes with your pair of tight jeans and flaunt your slimness. Only thing is that you have to keep the color combinations of your tops and shoes in mind. Don't mess it up on that front.
  • Tight-Fitting Leather Jackets: This one is another evergreen fashion tip for thin men only. You may say that big burly guys look hot in leather jackets. Well actually they don't. They look more like wanna-be! Leather is a garment that will stick to so if your shape is not great then it will highlight the extra pounds. Have ever seen a stout girl in a short leather skirt and gone yew? That same logic applies to guys too. But you are lucky because leather jackets will never go out of fashion.
  • Slim Tie and Scarves: For formals, you will just have to buy clothes that fit you or get them stitched. However, a thick tie will look totally disproportionate on you. Go for slim ties like the ones worn by the band members of Green Day. Scarves can be a great alternative.

Keep these few fashion tips for men in mind so that you can go ahead and win the day.

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