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Fashion Tips For Men With Broad Shoulders

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Men with broad shoulders usually consider themselves blessed. But very often we see them make fashion disasters out of themselves! This is because they don't use body shape clothing to compliments their assets. Clothes for broad shoulders have to be such that they flatter your best part but if you over do it then you can sometimes look nothing short of ridiculous.

So what should men with broad shoulders wear so that they can accentuate their attractive shoulders and steer clear from overplaying their cards? The trick is to keep it simple silly. Men with broad shoulders are usually lucky to have a perfect shape; the golden triangle is an ancient example of male beauty dating back to Hercules. So why do anything extra?

Fashion Tips For Men With Broad Shoulders:

  • You need a good tailor. Body shape clothing for broad shoulders is not always readily available in the markets. Especially if you are talking about shirts and suits or even well fitting kurtas. If kurtas or sherwanis are too tight around the shoulder it gives a comic look. You may need to get them stitched for best results. Choose a measurement that is a comfort fit for you.
  • Never wear collarless shirts. Shirts for broad shoulders must necessarily have collars. Chinese collars may look quaint on someone with a smaller frame but for you its a no-no. Wear shirts with proper button down collars and leave the first two buttons open to give out that macho charm you already have.
  • Even what pants you wear matter. Clothes for broad shoulders is not just about your tops. You have to understand the entire topography of your body. Try to even out the bulk you have at your shoulder blades by wearing jeans or pants with slightly broader ends than is common. Tapering or skin tight jeans are not for you. Go for boot-cuts because they never go out of fashion.
  • Try to wear longer tops. You may be tempted to wear short sleeved and short t-shirts like Salman khan but please refrain from doing so. Body shape clothing for broad shoulders may include short sleeved t-shirts but definitely not short t-shirts. All your coats and t-shirts need to fall up to your hips; at least well below your waist. Anyway you are top heavy so you need to tone that down instead of drawing attention to it.
  • Wear interesting accessories like chunky belts or broad patterned ties that will distract vision from getting stuck n your shoulders.
  • At the end of a series of methods to hide your shoulders we will tell how to show them off. The easiest way is to walk in a straight upright posture that will have girls staring behind you. You could probably sport a small neat tattoo on your shoulder blade like the one cricketer Kevin Peterson has!

Here are some of the fashion dos and don'ts for men with broad shoulders.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 23, 2011, 12:49 [IST]
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