Which Type Of Mens Watch Suits You Best?

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The best men watches are not those that are from the best brands or are the most expensive. Actually a watch has to suit your personality and physical stature to look good on you. As far back as you can remember, your grandfather wore a pocket watch. Just imagine your latest men's sports watch with a funky dial on this wrist! It looks out of place, doesn't it? So is the case with watches, just like your clothes the type of watches you wear too have to suit you.

If you are not sure about which men watches would suit you the best then try to figure out from these common guidelines.

Tips To Choose The Best Men's Watches For Yourself:

  • Men's sports watches can usually be carried by anyone because they go with a particular kind of look that says 'cool and casual' or 'sporty'. So you obviously cannot wear a sports watch with a suit or even a formal shirt but otherwise these watches look good on most men.
  • You of course have to choose a size that goes with your built. Oversized watches and huge dials are not for everybody. You need to justify the bulk of your watch with your size. It does not mean that big dials are for fat men but you need to beefed up or at least athletic enough to carry it.
  • If you made one main division, then watches are of two types; the ones with bands be it leather or plastic and ones with chains or metal bands. Most people can carry both equally well as long as you manage to get it right with your outfit. For example metallic band are not for casual occasions like beach parties.
  • All types of watches don't suit all complexions. Gold plated watches look particularly bad on dark complexion because of the stark contrast. If you are dusky go for a matted gold or may be silver chain on your watch.
  • The best men watches are chosen by the size, shape and colour of their dial. However, these three co ordinates of the dial need to match your personality too. Big dials are for bold and strong personalities.
  • You may not be literally big and strong but have a presence that makes up for it. On the contrary a man with a strong personality can make a sleek watch look big. Always prefer smaller, more compact designs for formal wear when the idea is to look distinct but not loud.
  • The type of dial must most importantly match your wrist size more than your entire body. Some sizable large men have very narrow wrists and they definitely cannot wear huge dials. If you have plump wrists then you must prefer square dials to round ones.
  • Watches with weird or asymmetrical shapes may compliment a woman but in the case of men it is huge risk.

Follow these fashion tips for men to choose the best men's watch for yourself.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 9, 2011, 15:14 [IST]
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