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Amazing Make-up Ideas For Your Red Dress

You have got that stunning red dress in your closet that you would love to wear but always end up making excuses not to. The reason? Simply put, you've got no idea how to dress it up and which make-up look to wear with it. A red dress can be daunting, especially if it is hued in a bright red colour that you just can not ignore.

A red dress makes a statement. It makes you feel special and a badass. But it can be a tricky feat when it comes to choosing the make-up look with a red dress. As much intimidating as it seems, you can rock a red dress effortlessly if you just know some simple make-up tips and tricks to complement it.

You can dress up or down a red dress with your choice of make-up and make it occasion appropriate. A red dress isn't always meant for a party or night out. You can quite easily wear it on a regular day going to your office, a shopping spree on your day off or a brunch with your friends. And this article tells you how exactly to do that.

Without further ado, here are some fabulous make-up ideas that you can try to complement your red dress.

1. Dewy Base

A red dress is all the glam that you require in a look. And to complement that glam, you don't specifically need to enhance a single feature, rather widen it. A dewy base would help you do just that. It not only gives an even tone to your face but it also adds a natural glow to it. It makes your skin juicy, luminous and flawless. A little tint of blush and a nude lip is all that you would need on top of a dewy base.

2. Nude Lips To Tone Down The Red

A nude lip shade can work wonders to tone down the red dress and make it day-time appropriate. When you wear a red dress, go for a lip shade that is more laid back and gives you a soft look. To make it even more subtle, go for a shade that is close to your skin tone. Add some gloss on top of the nude lip to complete the look.

3. A Soft Smokey Eye Look

Smokey eyes might seem to be a bit when it comes to a red dress, but if you go for a soft and neutral colour it can instantly enhance your entire look. Usually, when you think of a smokey eye look, you think of an intense and dark eye look, but with a red dress, pick a neutral and nude brown shade. Apply the brown eyeshadow all over your lid and blend it to perfection. Top it off with a thin eyeliner and a nice coat of mascara to your eyelashes. Choose a nude and bright lip shade when you go for a soft smokey eye look and don't forget to top it off with some gloss.

4. The Classic Golden Eye Look

If you have a red dress, chances are that you most probably wear this dress at night time for a party, a gathering or a date. A golden eye make-up look is a great way to complement your red dress at occasions like these. Start with a primer as you would want the make-up to last the whole night. Top it off with a dewy foundation. Conceal your dark circles and blemished with a concealer. Add some blush to the apples of your cheeks.

The eyes are the main highlight of this look. So start by applying some concealer on your eyelids. This acts as a base for your eyeshadow and helps to reflect the colours more intensely. Apply a brown eyeshadow all over your lid. Now apply some metallic gold eyeshadow at the centre of your lid. Finish the look with thick eyeliner and a coat of mascara on your eyelashes. Pair this look with a nude lip and you're done.

5. Heavily Kohled Eyes

Most of us would choose a nude lip to go with a red dress. But that doesn't mean that you can not play with any other aspectt of the look. If you are keeping the look subtle and soft, a great way to add some depth and fervour to the look would be to go for heavily kohled eyes. Go for a tinted moisturiser to get an even skin tone, apply a thick eyeliner on your lower and upper lash line and waterline and finish the look with a nude glossy lipstick.

6. Bare Eyes With Bold Red Lip

Red lips on red dress isn't something unusual. In fact, many a time you would have seen someone or the other rocking the red on red look. But you still feel intimidated by it and wonder whether you would be able to carry it off. Well, we assure you that you can.

While going for a red lip with a red dress, make sure that you have kept the eye look to a bare minimum. Start with some tinted moisturiser, add a little blush to your cheeks. Next, apply some highlighter on the high points of your face. Coming to eyes, you can either leave it bare or add some nudish beige eyeshadow all over your lid to add some definition to the look. Apply a thin eyeliner and a coat of mascara and your eye look is done. Pair this look with a bold red lip and you'll look your absolute best.

7. Winged Eyeliner

This is a basic idea for those who are not much into make-up but still want to glam up a bit to complement the dress and the occasion it is worn for. So, what you can do is go for a dramatic winged eyeliner. Keeping the rest of the look minimal, go for a semi-matte or glossy nude lip and you're done.

8. Highlighting The Face

More than a make-up look idea, this is an important tip that you need to keep in mind while dressing up a red dress. So, as said before, a nude look is most probably the go-to look for most of us wearing a red dress. Highlighting the high points of the face can do work like magic, no matter the look you're going for. Don't go overboard with the highlighter. Just lightly trace it across the high points of your face and it will add a glow to your face. And that will enough glamming up that you gorgeous red dress would need.

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