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This Blogger On Instagram Shares A Great Tip To Handle Outgrown Gel Manicure During Self Quarantine

Gel manicure is awesome. For some time at least. After a couple of months, you need to redo it as your nails outgrow the manicure.

At normal times, this does not seem like any trouble. You go to the nail salon and get your nails fixed. But, these are not normal times. We are in the times of self-quarantine. So, now that we can not step out and visit our nail salon, what about the outgrown nails? Well, this hair blogger on Instagram has your back as she shares her amazing trick to fix the outgrown nails at home with minimal efforts.

Olivia Smalley, a recognised hair blogger on Instagram, shared with her followers how to handle the outgrown gel manicure using a glitter polish. Olivia, who enjoys a following of 174 thousand on Instagram, revealed this trick with an IGTV video and the post as of yet has gained more than 13 thousand likes.

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She starts with filing her nails along the shape that the professional provided for her nails while reminding us "it's kind of amazing how just by filing it the nails look a little more done done". Olivia then takes a glitter nail with chunky glitters and applies it at the bottom of her nails where the cuticle is, almost pushing the polish in the cuticles.

She uses tapping motions to fill the gap and adds, "If you wanted to, you could just stop here- but I'm gonna go even more". She adds a second layer of the glitter and drags it a little over the nail bed to give it an ombre effect.

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There you have it! This nail hack makes your nails look beautiful and shiny and you don't have to worry about your nails for the duration of the quarantine.

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