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Easy Ways To Make Your Foundation Look Like Second Skin

Here's a beauty confession. No one can achieve a flawless makeup look on the first attempt. Especially for applying the foundation. Now, the foundation is literally a magic beauty product that makes for a perfect base for your makeup and hides all the blemishes you may have on your face. But applying the same takes practice and a bit of patience. Of course, there are some easy ways to make your foundation look like a second skin and not flaky!

Image: Pexels

We have listed a few easy hacks that can help you put a foundation as professionals do. Read and learn from them to apply a foundation that looks natural and beautiful:

Get Your Perfect Shade First

When selecting the perfect and suitable foundation, avoid testing it on your wrist. Instead, test the foundation below your jawline. It will help you find the correct shade of foundation that matches your skin tone!

Hydration is the Key

Of course, natural glow and skin hydration can be achieved with a good, balanced diet and drinking loads of water. But, for a makeup hack, you need to hydrate the face with a moisturizer, serum, or face cream. Use circular motions to let the cream blend in perfectly over the face. Apply the foundation post the hydration method.

Remember, dehydrated skin tends to absorb moisture off the foundation and gives a flaky look. That's why hydrate the skin with a skin-friendly moisturizer or cream.

Upward Downward Strokes

Most of the time, makeup appears gaudy or cakey because the foundation is not applied properly. To achieve a natural, flawless look, use the foundation with upward and downward strokes to blend in the same perfectly. It fills the open pores and creates a smooth base for your remaining makeup look.

Image: Pexels

Use a Concealer

Before applying the foundation, apply a lightweight concealer that helps cover or hide the acne spots, pimples, blemishes, etc. Once the blemishes are hidden with a concealer, apply the foundation for a smooth, flawless look!

Apply a Face Oil For Glow

Apply a liquid highlighter or a skin oil to achieve a natural glow before putting on the foundation. Pay special attention to the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, and the center of the forehead. This trick helps in adding that inside-out glow!

Follow the Less is More Mantra

Always aim for a natural-looking foundation look. For that, simply follow the "less is more" mantra. For that buy a foundation with a dropper and not a pump for avoiding the over-dispencing of the foundation. Take as much foundation as you need and apply it across the face. Once you know how much of a foundation you need, it becomes an easy ritual for you to take the appropriate quantity of the foundation. Apply the excess to the neck area if you wish!

Story first published: Monday, September 26, 2022, 18:18 [IST]
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