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12 Best Creepy Make-up Ideas For This Halloween

With Halloween just a couple of days away, it is the best time to figure out the make-up look you want to go for. Celebrated on October 31, Halloween allows you to play with some creepy, scary and stunning looks. The make-up look is the most important part of your Halloween look, after all, your costume and the vibe you want to go for majorly depends on the choice of your make-up.

The Halloween make-up isn't supposed to be taken lightly. You sometimes spend hours to create that perfect look that will stun everyone around out and make you stand out on this special occasion. The make-up can make or break your entire Halloween look.

Halloween make-up is special. It might necessarily be a complex look, just a hint of scary and creepy touches can give you Halloween vibes. And if you are into those elaborate creepy looks, nothing like it. So, to help you with the matter, we have compiled for you a list of Halloween make-up ideas that you can try. These are a combination of easy and complex looks that have something to offer each one of us.

The Bloody Tears

Starting with the basic look first, we have a Halloween make-up look for you that is creepy enough yet easy to create. Go for a full coverage base with perfectly defined eyebrows. Coming to the eye make-up, go for a smokey eye and top it off with some golden glitter. The highlight of the look are the lips and the blood-red tears. Put on a blood-red shade of lipstick and extend it a little at the ends. Now, using a red liquid lipstick, create tears under your eyes with multiple little dots to show bloodshed.

The Cat Woman

Who doesn't want to be a cat woman! An easy, quick and neat look, this is a perfect Halloween look for those who don't have much time to spend on their looks. Adding a cat nose connecting to your upper lip, lines drawn on your cheeks to give the impression of whiskers with little dots around your mouth and you are a cat woman. To add more definition to the look, go for a black smokey eye with heavy false lashes and extended eyeliner on the inner corner of your eyes.

The Cute IT Clown

A combination of cuteness and clown is a perfect look for this Halloween. And when it comes to clowns, who can forget the famous IT movie clown. This simple and stunning look will definitely fascinate the people around you. Start with an orange and golden eye make-up with the heavily smoked lower lash line. Then, line your lips using a black lip liner and apply deep cherry lipstick all over your lips. Using the combination of these colours, create a curved line from the ends of your lips towards your eyes and over your brows. Two cute buns on top of your head will complete this look for you.

Exotic Maleficent

Maleficent has become a craze among the ladies these days and if you also like that look, you can put on the Maleficent avatar for Halloween. The technique you need to master to create this look is contouring. Contour your jawline to give sharpness to the look. And then, playing with dark and light colours, give the illusion of sucked-in cheeks and raised cheekbones.

The Joker Look

A look that is sported by many on Halloween, Joker make-up has been one of the favourites to create on Halloween. There is just something about this look that sits well with the theme of Halloween. Although, this look is a little tricky with hair coloured green and face painted white. An extended creepy smile, red uneven eyebrows and blue triangles surrounding the eyes round off this fascinating look.

The Sizzling IT Clown

The best thing about clowns is that they can be sizzling and scary at the same time. This IT clown make-up look is clever, fascinating and creepy. The cut crease eye make-up, bushy brows and freckles on the face are the defining element of the look. The glossy ombre lips with the curved line from the ends of our lips towards the middle of your eyes and over your brows add the scariness to the look.

The Glamorous Skull

The skull is another look that is quite famous on Halloween. It is a look that is generally scary and bland. But you can add a glamorous and colourful touch to the skull look. Using a vibrant colour in dual shades to carve out the skull on your face is a great idea for a Halloween make-up look. It might not be the easiest for you if you aren’t a skilled make-up artist, but this is a great opportunity to try your hand at something creative. You might just surprise yourself.

The Creepy Nurse

How would you like to dress up as a creepy nurse from hell? This is the perfect look for Halloween that is definitely going to give a scare to at least a couple of people. This stunningly creepy look requires precision and for you to be willing to create a little mess. Which is a given since it Halloween. Black lenses will work like magic to complete this look and make it scarier.

The Scary Skull

Another skull look we have for you is the classic white skull. Buying a skull mask is good. But you can brush up your skills and save a few bucks if you paint it on! This looks needs your whole face to be painted white. And then with black eyeshadow carve your face to give a proper skull shape. If it becomes too much for you to create the look on the entire face, you can always do half the face and then cover it up with a black hoodie to complete the ghost vibes.

Something Glittering

Halloween doesn’t mean that you have to do something dark and dull or really scary for that matter. You can shine your way to Halloween with some stones and crystals as well. In the post above, you can see the talented artist creating a glittering skull on half her face using some shiny crystals. And that is what you can do. Adding a black lip and dramatic fake eyelashes will make this look even more Halloween appropriate. Be careful with the placement of the crystals though. A little off track can change the effect of this entire look.

An Animal Touch

Animal prints used to be a big thing for Halloween a few years back. Although the craze has gone down, you would still see a couple of people would sport this look. If you are into animal print looks, why not create a make-up look with an animal touch. Granted it needs a lot of skills, patience and efforts, but you can always take the help of your friends and watch some tutorials to master this look.

The Perfect Illusion

Lastly, we have for you a look that is not easy to create. And it needs a high level of mastery of the art of make-up to ace this. This perfect illusion look is a look that is perfect for Halloween and would impress everyone around you. You can go to a professional make-up artist to get this done or you can take the help of a friend to create or guide you to create this alluring make-up look.

And with all these looks, we wish you a Happy Halloween. We hope this article inspired you to try a different look this Halloween to surprise yourself and everyone around you!

Story first published: Tuesday, October 29, 2019, 18:24 [IST]
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