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    What Is Banana Powder & Why Does It Deserve A Place In Your Make-up Routine?

    By Amruta

    There are so many make-up products in the market that at times we get confused as to how to incorporate these into our daily make-up routine. But, the best part here is that make-up can easily be done with minimal products and we also look our best. As they say, natural beauty is the best. But, that's for our daily routine. What happens when we have to attend a special occasion, a party or a wedding? We need everything to be just perfect - our attire, our hairstyle, and lastly - make-up.

    With so many make-up products flooding the market, there is one particular product that is a much-needed thing in your make-up kit right now - especially if you have to attend a special event. And, what is it, you may ask? It's banana powder.

    What Is Banana Powder?

    Well, you must be thinking what is this banana powder exactly? Here it is.

    What Is Banana Powder?

    Banana powder, as the name suggests, is yellow in colour. It is basically a setting powder. It is used for all skin tones and is specifically used in make-up to add depth to your face and to give your face a sculpted look. Banana powder, in simple terms, is used to contour your face, especially under your eyes. This powder basically sets your concealer in place.

    Explaining banana powder in detail, make-up artist Andrew Sotomayor says, "Banana powder is another name for the pale yellow face powder used to set face makeup and concealer by absorbing excess oil."

    Why Should You Use Banana Powder?

    Like it has been mentioned earlier, banana powder helps in adding depth to your face. It is an essential part of your make-up kit as it helps to give your face a defined look. Now that is something that we all want. To look our best. To ensure that our face looks appealing.

    Celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, and others often use banana powder as a part of their make-up routine.

    How To Use Banana Powder?

    Well, it's pretty simple. The only thing you need to remember here is when to apply this powder and you are pretty much sorted. Follow the simple and easy steps mentioned below to know how and when to exactly use banana powder for your face during make-up.

    • Once you prep your face with a toner, apply a foundation that suits your skin tone. Ensure that you do not overdo the foundation. Keep in minimal so that your face does not look cakey.
    • After the foundation is applied, it is time for you to apply some concealer. Now the catch here is that you do not apply concealer over your entire face (unless it's required.) Apply concealer only where it's needed.
    • Now, comes the banana setting powder. It should be applied after you have applied the foundation and concealer. 
    • Take a small amount of banana powder at the back of your hand and apply it under your eyes, on your forehead, nose, and on your jaws - just below your cheekbones. Use a beauty blending sponge to apply this powder. The sponge is readily available in the market so it should not be a worry if you do not have it in your make-up kit. You will get it at any beauty store.
    • Let it sit for five minutes before dabbing off the excess powder from your face.

    Now, you must be wondering what purpose will this serve? Well, it will give your face a bright glow, a depth to die for and will also define your cheekbones perfectly. It will also give you a perfectly highlighted face and will last all day.

    So... it's time you give your make-up kit a boost and define your look just the way you want and flaunt it at the next party you attend. Now, that's pretty simple, isn't it?

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    Story first published: Saturday, September 1, 2018, 13:17 [IST]
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