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Trends In Bridal Make-up: All About Airbrush And HD Make-up

Wedding season is here and so is the demand for make-up artists and hairstylists. Every girl would want to look her best on her big day. And it is important to start preparing for it much beforehand. One confusion that most of the brides face is regarding their make-up and look.

The make-up sector is growing and a lot of new techniques are being introduced by the bridal make-up artists. These are quite advanced and ensures that the make-up stays put for a very long time. In this article, we'll give you a complete guide on the two latest make-up techniques in bridal make-up, i.e., airbrush make-up and HD make-up.

Let us see what exactly they are and their benefits. Read on!

Airbrush Make-up

This is one of the techniques that is being used widely in bridal make-ups. It is nothing but applying make-up by spraying the make-up directly on the face using an airbrush. Liquid make-up is sprayed directly on the face using this equipment. It gives an even tone to the skin.

Bride Wedding airbrush Makeup Benefits | एयरब्रश मेकअप के जबरदस्त फायदे | Boldsky


  • Most of the products that are used in this are silicon-based and so the make-up will last little longer without wearing off or smudging.
  • The products used in the airbrush technique have mattifying agents and thus people with oily skin also can use it.
  • Most of the products used in airbrush make-up are hypoallergenic and fragrance-free.
  • It can be used for all ages and all skin types.
  • It gives more of a natural touch.
  • Airbrush make-up is water resistant and can last up to 15 hours or more.

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    HD Make-up

    In the current scenario, wedding photo shoots have utmost importance. And all the photo shoots use those high definition cameras and it captures all the details of your face. So even if you have the smallest dark spots or acne it will be clearly visible in the photos and videos. This is where high definition make-up gains prominence. It helps in hiding all the flaws of the face thus giving a clear skin.

    HD make-up usually comes with particles like silicon and other crystals that help in diffusing the lights and thus giving a brighter appearance to the skin.


    • Your make-up won't look cakey with HD make-up as this consists of good quality reflective products.
    • In HD make-up, you can actually see your skin through the make-up and that ensures that you get a makeover without taking away your natural beauty.
    • The products also have moisturising agents that help in covering up any cracks on the face and makes it even.
    • No special equipment required for this. You can just use a simple make-up brush for touch up.
    • HD make-up can highlight your features.
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