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Here Are Some Basic Tips On Bridal Makeup To Follow


Every girl dreams of looking perfect on her big day since her childhood. As we grow up, our expectations about it also increase. From the moment the wedding day is fixed, most of us tend to panic thinking about how to prepare for that day we'd been dreaming of.

From the theme, costumes to makeup, every single thing needs to be planned beforehand, so that you do not mess up with anything on your wedding day.

In this article, we will provide a few tips for all those brides-to-be out there on what are some important things to keep in mind with regards to bridal makeup. These are very simple and basic tips for all those who do not have any idea on how to go about in the whole process of bridal makeup.

So, all you beautiful brides out there, do not worry and start following these tips right away to sort out all your confusions about bridal makeup.

Match It With Your Theme

Imagine if your makeup doesn't go with the theme and the costume that you have chosen? It would look disastrous, isn't it? So before you decide on your makeup, have a clear idea on your theme, if you have one. For example, if you have a beach wedding, make sure that your makeup goes in sync with your theme and costume. For this, you'll need to take your time to plan on what you actually want.


A little planning on how much you want to spend for your makeup is always better than any last moment hurdles. Bridal makeup artist can go from the professional one to the celebrity makeup artists. If you are looking for professional makeup, it will range from 15K and can go up to lakhs too. So, it is better to pre-plan on what you exactly want, so that you can plan everything accordingly. Nowadays, we have an umpteen number of bridal makeup artists that offer the best makeup packages. Before you rush into something, doing a little research on them would help you to know whether you will be comfortable with them or not.

Be Comfortable

On your big day, sometimes, your makeup artist would suggest you to wear some falsies. These can be false eyelashes, false hair, etc. Whatever be it, if you are not comfortable with any of the tools/accessories/products used for makeup, you can always tell your makeup artist. After all, it is your day and your comfort, which is more important than anything else.

Plan It

Time is very important in completing a bridal makeup. Normally, it takes up to 2-3 hours to complete a bridal makeup. So, it is recommended to call at least 3 hours before you head for your makeup. Because you can always expect the last-minute changes on your lip colour or your eye makeup.

Keep References

Every bride-to-be must be aware of what exactly she wants on her big day. So, it is always important to keep some references in your phone, so that you can explain clearly on what your choice is to your makeup artist. If you are clear on your references, it will reduce the chances of any confusions between you and the makeup artist. Keep references on how you want your eyes, lips, whether the lip colour will suit your skin tone or not, etc.


A trial day on makeup before your wedding day is very important, as you don't want anything to go wrong on your big day. The main reason for this is the look that you have shortlisted might be different in real when you apply it than how it looks on phone. Therefore, a trial is very important in giving you and your makeup artist a clear idea on what exactly suits your skin and not. You can appoint a trial at least a month earlier before your wedding day.

Talk To Your Makeup Artist

If you are a person who has gone through or still has any skin-related issue, make sure that you talk it out to your makeup artist. According to that, he/she might suggest you some pre-wedding skin treatments or sessions. Or he/she might also suggest some makeup that will suit your skin type no matter whatever skin-related issues you have. So, clearly talking out all your skin problems to your makeup artist is very important, in order to avoid any complications.

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