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Tips To Follow While Wearing A Nude Lip Shade

Rather than applying all the bright and dark shades, people prefer to keep it subtle and natural by using nude lip colours. It helps in giving you the most natural look that will suit almost every skin tone. But one major drawback about a nude lip shade is that it can ruin your whole look if you do not choose the right colour.

If you want to look classy by not overdoing your make-up then applying nude lipstick is the best way to maintain the look. This is because when you apply a nude lipstick, make-up on the other areas is equally balanced and it gives a natural look.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right shade and also follow some simple tips while applying nude lipsticks to pull off the look perfectly. So in this article, we've put together some basic tips to keep in mind while applying nude lipsticks. Follow the below tips to get the nude look right. Read on!

Exfoliate Your Lips

This step not only helps in removing the dead skin cells but also aids in giving a smooth base. Exfoliating the lips beforehand will make your lipstick stay and prevent it from flaking out. You can either use a ready-made lip scrub or prepare one at home. Apply some petroleum jelly on your lips and gently rub a dry brush on the lips gently in a circular motion. Apply a moisturiser after you have exfoliated your lips.

Apply Primer

Merely exfoliating the lips won't make your lipstick stay for a long time. After exfoliation, apply some primer or foundation on your lips and gently massage. The primer forms a base on the lips and keeps it moisturised throughout the day. After you have applied the primer, take a lip liner that matches your tone and line your lips.

Choose The Right Colour

When it comes to applying nude lipsticks, it is important to make sure that you choose the right colour that suits the tone of your lips. Always go for a shade darker than the actual colour of your lips. You can go for peach or soft pink shades if you have a pale skin tone. Those who have a darker skin tone can go for chocolate shades. Also, you can opt for beiges if you have a yellow undertone.

Balance It With The Right Make-up

Just applying nude lipstick would make you look very pale. Therefore, it is important to balance out your make-up along with the nude lips. For this, add a plump to your cheeks by applying blush. This will prevent looking too washed out. And when it comes to the eyes, you can opt for smokey eyes. This will create a dramatic as well as an elegant look.

Ask A Professional

Many of you who would be trying nude lips for the first time might be unsure of what shades to go for and will have many confusions regarding the looks. If you are one among those who are still unsure, then you should take the advice of a professional. They can help you to choose the right shade that will help you to pull off the look.

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