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Make-up Tricks To Hide Those Chubby Cheeks

Chubby cheeks are cute, but when you want your face to look longer and thinner, they can be a complete no-no. But what when you have one? You might think there's absolutely nothing you can do, right? But wait. There's a catch! You can completely transform your look and hide those chubby cheeks of yours now with make-up. All you need is some quick and easy tips on how to do it.

Speaking of make-up, there are some really cool tricks that help your face look thinner. Make-up is that trick you can use to create the perfect illusion. If you are looking for some instant hacks on how to make those chubby cheeks of yours disappear for sometime, read on...

Make-up Tricks To Hide Chubby Cheeks

1. Contour is a must

The first thing one needs to remember when they want to hide those chubby cheeks. Contouring your face basically means adding tone to your face in order to reshape your nose, cheekbones, chin or your forehead. Since you want to make you face look thinner, your contour needs to be vertical rather than being horizontal as it will help to elongate your face. You can simply go for a silver toned contour that will give you high cheekbones.

2. Go for a light blush

Since you want to hide those plump cheeks of yours, you need to go for a lighter shade as anything bright will accentuate your original look. Therefore, you need to pick a subtle shade that will hide most of your skin, while at the same time give your face a flushed look. You can select a bronzy blush for your cheekbones.

3. Arch your eyebrows

You must have always noticed this - whenever we look at a person's face, the first thing we often notice is the forehead and the eyebrows. It is, therefore, essential to arch your brows perfectly. Also, your brows are also directly related to your chubby cheeks. How? Well, high arched brows often make your cheeks look elongated and make your face look slimmer.

4. Winged eyeliner does the trick

To ensure that people do not notice your chubby cheeks, you need to shift the focus from them to other parts of your face. And, what could be better than your eyes, right? And, if you really want people to focus on your eyes, you can simply go for a winged eye liner. It will make your eyes look bigger and will automatically lay focus on them. Also, you can opt for smokey eyes as it will have the safe effect.

5. Ensure to blend

Blending is important. Blending is the key to make your chubby cheeks disappear, thus creating the illusion of an elongated face. Invest in a good blending sponge and ensure that your blush and contour powder blend perfectly with each other to give you a thinner face.

Next time you think of ways to get rid of those chubby cheeks instantly, do take a note of these tips and tricks and let nothing stop you!

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