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Got Doe Eyes? Here Are Some Quick Make-up Tips To Assist You

There are a number of things you can do to make your eyes pop up or look bigger or more prominent - make-up being the most preferred choice. Make-up can completely transform you, and for good. And, if you want to get that doe-shaped eye look, make-up can do just that.

To get that doe eye look, take a note of the quick and easy make-up tips mentioned below:

Make-up Tips For Doe Eyes

1. White eyeshadow is a good pick

Eyeshadow is an important part of make-up and is unavoidable unless you are up for some nude make-up. But, if you want to go for doe eyes look, eyeshadow plays an important role - especially white eyeshadow. To get perfect doe eyes using white eyeshadow, just apply some white eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eyes and it'll do the trick.

2. Do your eyebrows

One thing you might easily agree with is that properly shaped and defined eyebrows do enhance your look, right? Trim your brows so that perfectly compliment your facial features and make-up. If you want to give your eyes that doe shape, then you probably need enough space around them and shaping up your brows and removing the extras might just serve the purpose.

3. Curl those pretty lashes

Since you want the focus to be on your eyes, you need to actually take care of certain things. Like your eyeshadow for example. And, of course, your lashes. Ensure that you curl those pretty lashes so that it will help to open up your eyes wider. You can also try using fake lashes, but that's a choice.

4. Use eyeliner the right way

It is no secret that an eyeliner can make or break your look. It is, therefore, very essential to apply eyeliner the right way. You need to do a little bit of experimentation with the eyeliner and choose the best one that suits you. For that doe eye look, start off by lining half of your lower lash line which will create the illusion of bigger eyes. You can also experiment with different coloured eyeliners like blue or brown. Moreover, you can also ditch your liquid eyeliner for once and opt for kohl.

5. Experiment with colours

After all, experimentation is everything. You can use two different colours for your eye make-up. Not many would know this but using two different colours for eye make-up does make your eyes pop up. However, the trick here is that you must go for lighter shades as light colours will make your eyes look bigger while dark ones will do just the opposite.

Do use these tricks and tips and flaunt those doe eyes wherever you go! For more such tips and tricks on make-up, subscribe to Boldsky and do let us know in the comment section below if you find these tips useful.

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