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Independence Day 2018: Make-up Inspired By Indian Flag

By Amrutha

Our 72nd Independence Day is just a day ahead and everyone must be planning your outfits for the special day. Ethnic is what we all prefer on this significant day in our calendar. On this occasion, special events are arranged in colleges and offices to mark the respect towards the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for our country and contributed towards the freedom of the country.

Definitely, there won't be any confusion regarding what to wear but what can be done on the make-up front is something that most of us are confused about. Not having a proper make-up according to what you wear can be a total mismatch and spoil your whole look.

make up tips

Do not worry, here we'll tell you on how to carry your special Independence Day look with some make-up tips that you can try. Follow these simple tips to create a vibrant look on this Independence Day.

Makeup Tips You Can Try With A Sari

The Base

Start by washing your face thoroughly to clean all the impurities before applying the make-up. Apply a generous amount of moisturiser on your face to hydrate your skin. Next step is to apply a foundation that matches your skin tone. You can either use a foundation brush or a sponge to spread the foundation evenly on your face. Be careful while spreading it so that no patches are formed.

Use a concealer to cover all those dark spots, blemishes and dark circles under the eyes. Now you are all set to proceed for the tri-colour Independence Day make-up.

Eye Make-up

You can definitely play with the colours during this Independence Day. The prominent colours being orange, green, white and blue.

You can apply a mixture of vibrant shades of these colours as eyeshadows if you want a dramatic look. If you like to keep it simple you can just use these colours as eyeliners and give a small wing towards the end. This will look both classy and elegant.

Using a single colour can also take your Independence Day look to another level. For example, use a shade of green colour both on your eyelids as an eyeshadow and also apply the same on the lower rim of your eyes as an eyeliner. Create a smoky effect to make your eyes dramatic.

Another option is to wear a white eyeliner and a white eyeshadow to keep it simple.

For Lips

For your lips go for that bright orange lip shade. Decide whether you want it matte or glossy. You can also go for vibrant shades like green or blue if you feel like going bold and adventurous. Just go by the rule that if you are applying a bright lip shade keep your eye make-up minimal and vice versa.

Make-up is not only restricted only to your face, your whole look matters. Yes, we are talking about nothing else but your nails. Paint your nails with the vibrant colours of our flag. You don't have to restrict yourself to just one colour. You can experiment with more than one shade on your nails.

If you find these tips useful please let us know by commenting on the comment section below. Also do follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more make-up tips.


To add on to the ethnic look you cn also wear a bindi of any of the colours on the flag like green, orange, etc.

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