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Is Your Foundation Too Light? Here Are 7 Easy Hacks To Fix It

Bought a lighter shade of foundation only to realize your skin tone requires a darker shade? If you have, you must know what we are talking about here. It makes a hell lot of adifference to your appearance.

It is very essential to pick the right shade of foundation for your skin. Why? Because the type & shade of foundation you choose determines if you get that dreamy, flawless complexion or the totally opposite of it. Foundation is probably the trickiest make-up products you ever use!

There are some quick and easy hacks that come in handy in such cases and help you turn your light shade foundation into a darker shade instantly.

Here are 7 easy hacks to fix your light shade foundation instantly.


1. Mix It With Bronzer

This is definitely a great way to make your light foundation darker. Mixing your foundation with a bronzer will darken your foundation shade and also give your face that sun-kissed look. People with brown skin tone should definitely go for this hack. And, if you do not want that sun-kissed look for your entire face, there's a solution for that too. Simply use the mixed foundation on your cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin and give you face a chiselled look.


2. Add Turmeric To It

Turmeric - the magic ingredient that fixes most of your skin & make-up problems, right? As you might already know, turmeric is an ingredient that stains easily. It is, therefore, essential that you use just a pinch of turmeric while mixing it with your light shade foundation. Do not use too much turmeric. Just mixing a pinch of it with your foundation will result in it turning a shade darker and suitable for your skin tone.


3. Add Blush

This is something very essential and handy for those who have pinkish undertones. If you are the one who has pinkish undertones, mix a little bit of blush to your foundation and apply it to your face.

For this, you need to take some amount of blush on your hands and then take some light foundation too. Mix both the ingredients well and then starting applying it on your face using a sponge. You will get a soft pinkish glow - perfect for any occasion.


4. Mix It With Concealer

Here the trick is to get the right shade of concealer in order to blend it with your foundation to make it a shade darker. So what do you do? Simply buy a darker shade concealer and blend it with your light foundation. Always remember that while blending your dark concealer with a light foundation, mix little by little. You do not want your foundation to become too dark for your skin tone, right?


5. Blend It With Face Powder

Face powder is another essential part of make-up. It is like a quick fix to so many make-up blunders. If you have got a light shade of foundation, you can simply blend it with some face powder and make it a shade darker - just perfect for your skin tone.

But again, the important part to remember here is that you should not use too much powder, after all, you do not want your make-up to look cakey!


6. Mix It With A Darker Shade Foundation

This is something you might have thought of already. If you have accidentally bought a lighter shade of foundation, then it is probably the best idea to buy another foundation - but a darker shade - and mix it with the light one.

The trick here is that you need to keep mixing the darker foundation to the light one little by little until you get the exact shade you are looking for. Ensure that it does not get too dark as reversing it would again be a challenge.


7. Add Tinted Moisturiser To It

Do you know what you can possibly do if you have a light shade of foundation and are looking for a darker one? Simple! Just blend the light foundation with some tinted moisturiser. The moisturiser will instantly darken the foundation that will suit your skin type. Since you will be using a moisturiser, it will ensure that your skin stays soft and supple and retains its glow.

Do try these amazing hacks instead of discarding your light foundation and see the magical difference it leaves behind!

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