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    How To Create High Cheekbones: Makeup Tips

    By Mamta Khati

    We often see celebrities with perfect cheekbones and we often wonder if we could also get the perfect look. We often worry if we can wear our makeup correctly or not, but it's actually simple if we use the right amount of shades in the right portions of our face.

    Applying makeup to your cheeks can accentuate your features and give it a more defined look. You can easily get beautifully enhanced cheekbones with a few makeup tips.

    makeup tips

    Some women are blessed with high cheekbones, while others need to create the illusion of a higher and more defined cheekbone. Thank god, we have a ton of cosmetic products that can help us get the desired look.

    But achieving the desired look takes a little bit of work, and in this article, we have a step-by-step process which will help you in the same. Take a look.


    1. Know Your Skin:

    Everyone has a different skin type and tone, and it is very important for us to understand our skin type. This will help us to choose the right product for our skin. If you have dry skin, you need to use a cream blush-on, as this will add moisture to your skin. For normal to oily skin, powder blush-on is good for the skin.


    2. Apply A Moisturizer:

    If you have dry skin, then it is very important to moisturize your face. Make sure you apply a generous amount of moisturizer to your skin before applying your makeup. Makeup on dry skin will make it look flaky and caked up. Moisturizer will add gloss to your skin and make your skin glow.


    3. Apply A Bronzer:

    You would want to use a bronzer right underneath your cheekbones, but how do you locate the exact spot? It's very simple. Suck your cheeks in, as this will help you know where the hollows of your cheeks are located.

    Or you can suck your cheeks in and find your cheekbone by feeling it with your fingers. Now, tilt your brush at a 45-degree angle and stroke the brush in a diagonal motion towards your ears.

    Now, fill your brush with a bronzer. Take a shade darker than your normal skin tone. Now, draw a thin line with your brush just below your brow bone, starting from the ear, and go down toward the inside of your face and stop at the end of your cheekbone.


    4. Blend It Properly:

    You can either use a brush or your fingertips to blend in the bronzer. Make sure you do not see any sharp lines or stripes, but do not spread the bronzer into the apple of your cheek. If you feel that the shade is too light, you can add another layer of bronzer.


    5. Contour Your Face:

    Apply a bronzer to your temples and curve down along your jaw line. This will accentuate your bone structure.


    6. Apply Blush:

    It is important to apply the blush. This is because your face will look pale and yellow. Not sure which colour shade to use? Let us help you with that.

    People with fair skin can opt for a soft pink shade with a peach undertone. For olive-skin tone, use a brighter shade with a blue undertone.

    And those with darker skin can go for brighter colours, like hot pink. Apply blush to your cheekbones and stroke your brush in a sweeping motion.


    7. Apply The Concealer:

    Apply a little bit of concealer below the contour with a brush and blend it properly. This will make your cheekbones even more defined and prominent.


    8. Apply The Highlighter:

    To enhance your cheekbones, apply a highlighter that is slightly lighter than your skin. If you have dark skin, a golden highlighter is the best pick for you. People with light skin can opt for light colours. Lightly, sweep the highlighter along your cheekbones.

    Make sure you focus on the highest point of your cheek. Blend the highlighter in a circular motion. Avoid using too much of the highlighter towards the center of your face. Gently sweep your brush towards the ear, and voilà, you'll get a perfectly defined cheekbone.


    • If you are using powder highlighters, apply it on your cheeks with a small brush. For liquid highlighter, you can use a sponge, or you can simply put a few drops on your fingers and dab it on to your skin.
    • You can also apply a little bit of the highlighter above your brow bone or the inner corners of your eyes to add more light to your face.

    9. Final Adjustment:

    Make sure you blend in all the makeup to avoid sharp lines. If you have applied a liquid highlighter, make sure you apply a light layer of translucent powder. If your makeup doesn't blend well with your fingertips, use a soft brush and blend it in a circular motion.


    10. Use A Setting Spray:

    Once your makeup is done, you would want for it to stay all day long, right? So, use a setting spray to keep your makeup intact. And there you go, you have the perfect cheekbones.


    • Blend the makeup properly.
    • Practice this method. You may not get it at first attempt.
    • Try it with a friend.
    • Make sure you have proper lighting. This will help you get the proper shading and highlight.
    • Always use a small amount of bronzer and then layer as you go on. It is easier to add than to take it off.
    • Invest on good long-lasting blushes, as this will stay on your skin for a long time.
    • Top your cream blushes with a matching coloured powder blush. This will avoid blotchiness and your makeup will last longer.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, January 9, 2018, 11:07 [IST]
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