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Are You Making These Eyelash Curling Mistakes?

Eye make-up can be quite tricky, especially if you do not know how to do it correctly. Not doing eye make-up correctly can sometimes result in ruining your entire look. And, those who are new to make-up, can actually find it quite a task to do make-up perfectly - especially eye make-up. We totally understand!

So here we are, again, to help to understand what mistakes people usually make while doing eye make-up, and in particular, while curling their eyelashes.

Are you too interested in curling your eyelashes but are afraid if you can pull it off properly? Well, curled lashes can give your face a new, different look - which is precisely why you should curl them the right way.

Listed below are some common eyelash curling mistakes that one must avoid:

Curling Lashes After Applying Mascara

Do you too curl your lashes after applying mascara? Well, stop it immediately. It might be one of the top reasons for your lashes breaking down, thus causing damage. How? Mascara gives your lashes a thicker and stickier finish. Therefore, if you use a curler after applying mascara, your lashes tend to stick on the curler, resulting in breakage.

So what is the correct way to do it then? The correct way is to curl your lashes first and then apply a coat of mascara.

Choosing A Non-metal Curler

Well, if you have already bought a non-metal curler, dump it at the earliest and go for a metallic one. Why? Because metallic curlers are safer to use than non-metallic ones. Also, they do not have the risk of breakage. Besides, metallic curlers also deliver precisely curled lashes.

Also, one thing you must know is that metal curlers are a bit expensive than non-metal ones, but it is definitely worth investing in them.

Using Unclean Curler

This is something you must take a note of. Never use unclean make-up products - not just eyelash curler. Using unclean products can cause severe damage to your skin. Now you might think what damage can an unclean curler cause? Well, too much than you can even imagine. To begin with, an unclean curler can cause bacteria build-up. An unclean curler can easily be a breeding ground for bacteria, resulting in infection - which you obviously would not want.

It is, therefore, advisable to clean your curler, or any make-up product for that matter, after use. After all, nothing is more important than safety, right?

Clamping Down Too Hard

D you clamp down your lashes too hard while curing them? Stop it right away! You might perhaps be making the biggest mistake by doing so as it can cause breakage. And, have you ever thought why do you need to clamp down so hard while curing lashes? Because if you are using a good curler, you don't need to clamp down hard. A quick pulsing motion too can do your task skillfully.

So, if you need to apply a lot of pressure while curling your lashes, it is time for you to discard your curler and go for a new one.

Allowing Pads To Wear Out

A curler pad is meant to protect your eyelashes from the sharp metallic edges of the curler. So, if the pads of your existing curler have worn out, it is obvious that your lashes are exposed to the sharp edges of the curler - which is not good. It might result in damage. Your lashes then become prone to breakage or even worse - they might get cut by the sharp metal.

Therefore, if you feel that the pads of your curler have worn out, better switch to a brand new one. After all, why take the risk, right?

If you too are making these eyelash curling mistakes, take a note and immediately stop yourself from causing damage to your lashes. Now, we don't want to risk our precious eyelashes, do we?

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