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    The Bronze Glow Makeup Tutorial

    By Jaiwanthika

    There is no one single way to achieve the perfect, bronzed goddess look; this look is so popular that it has millions of beautiful bronzed variants the world over.

    A healthy, sun-kissed look is always great, but instead of simply going heavy with the bronzer, it makes more sense to balance out the bronze with some highlights to give it a more natural look.

    The Bronze Glow Makeup Tutorial

    Dramatic eyes also make a statement, and stand their own in the bronzed goddess look. Your lips should ideally match your eyeshadow, so steer clear of funky shades if you want to nail this look perfectly.

    Here's a tutorial that could help you have a quick look to know more about the Bronze glow makeup look.


    Step One - Pick Your Colour Scheme:

    It's always a good idea to have a colour scheme in place before you begin. Plan your look in advance and know what shades and products you're going to use in your look.

    The more shades you utilize, the better your look will be; and you'll also need a decent number of brushes, as one brush can't really do another's job. To really get this look going, every feature of your face has to be a part of the same colour scheme - and you can't leave any one out.

    A good way to ensure this continuity is to use a common product - blush, concealer, highlighter, etc., on more than one feature.


    Step Two - Beautiful Brows:

    Before you begin, make sure your brows are plucked or tweezed and emphasize them with an eyebrow mascara or an eyebrow pencil.

    The bronzed goddess look requires well-defined brows and there is no way you can skip this step.


    Step Three - Do Your Eye Makeup First:

    Begin by doing your eye makeup first, even before you apply a foundation and concealer. This is for several reasons, not among the least of which is that the pigments in the eyeshadow can mix with those in the foundation and concealer, thus altering your look.

    The bronzed goddess look requires dramatic eyes, so don't scrimp on the colour:

    1. First, prime your eyelids with your blush. This will create a suitable base for the rest of your work and relate to your overall colour scheme.

    2. Next, take a chocolate brown shade and brush outwards along the crease of your upper eyelid. Brush the excess outwards, along the crease.

    3. Then, take a rust shade and brush outwards over the upper eyelid. Create a slight ‘wing' at the corner of your eye, then use the same rust shade to brush your lower eyelid as well.

    4. Use a nude or a beige shade to accentuate your brow bones, brushing outwards.

    5. Apply some bronze cream eyeshadow on your eyelids for a subtle yet dramatic look.

    6. Use some black eyeshadow to colour the outsides of the eye, where the ‘wings' are. The wings should overlap slightly into the main eyelid, but not too much.

    7. Apply some highlighter on to the ball of your eye (blend well) and some in the corner of your eyes - near the nose - and don't blend this too much. Also, brush some highlighter onto your brow bone to make it seem more sculpted.

    8. Line your lower water line with a black eye pencil and smudge it gently with a brush.

    9. Line your upper waterline with an eyeliner (an eyeliner pen is a great idea) and draw cat eyes or wings to the side of your face, which ever you prefer.

    10. Apply a thick coat of a mascara, and stick on your falsies.

    11. You'd have the dramatic bronzed goddess eyes!


    Step Four - Application Of The Concealer:

    Having done your eyes, take a certain amount of precaution and gently apply the concealer all over your face.

    Some people find that they need more than one shade of a concealer; and yet others feel that they need to mix two or three concealers to get perfect results.

    Do whatever works for you. If you're dusky, use a concealer with orange tints, except in specific areas of your face, which could do with some beige highlights. Pay special attention to problem areas.


    Step Five - Apply Foundation:

    Your foundation should be smooth and should give the impression of not being there at all. Liquid foundations are often the preferred choice, but BB creams are also popular for daily use.

    For the bronze and glow look, select a foundation that is at least a shade darker than your regular foundation, and then adjust the other shades - of your lipstick, blush and eye shadow - accordingly.

    Don't overdo the tint - go for a healthy tan which looks believable rather than something that contrasts unrealistically with your arms and legs.


    Step Six - Use A Blush:

    The blush you use in the bronze and glow look is from the nude palette, and is mostly in shades of brown. Avoid reds and pinks, which will stand out and simply ruin the look.

    Instead, go for a blush in coffee, light brown, or even chocolate, which will not just accentuate your cheekbones but will also help contour your face.


    Step Seven - Contouring:

    Use a contour stick to bring out your features better. A contour stick in dark brown would help your face look slimmer and make you seem more bronzed as well. Draw lines in strategic points along your face and smudge them with a kabuki brush.


    Step Eight – Use A Highlighter:

    The bronze and glow look is incomplete without a healthy glow to balance the bronze, so don't forget to brush on the highlighter on your cheekbones, the length of your nose, your

    T-Zone, your cupid's bow, your brow bones and your temples; basically anywhere you would like to give the impression of light. You could also brush some on your collar bones and décolletage, and along your arms as well.


    Step Nine - Apply Lip Liner And Lip Colour:

    Pick a lip colour that matches your eyeshadow, preferably a rust shade, a bronze shade or even a lovely brown shade, with a matching lip liner. Line your lips and fill them in, and you've got the lips of a Bronzed Goddess!

    The bronze and glow look is a wonderful look for a special night out and it's great for Indian skin tones. It is definitely something that you should try today!

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