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Karwa Chauth 2021: Beautiful And Unique Mehndi Designs That You Can Try On This Day

By Subodini Menon

The tradition of applying mehndi or henna to the palms and feet of women goes way back into the ancient times of Indian history. The importance and instances of applying henna have been mentioned in the Puranas and the other ancient texts of mythology. Karwa Chauth, the occasion that celebrates the auspicious bond of marriage is a perfect excuse for the ladies to paint their hands in beautiful and intricate mehndi designs. This year the festival will be celebrated on 24-25 October.

It is not just India that has a practice of applying mehndi. It is largely embedded in the cultures of the various parts of the Indian sub-continent and the Middle Eastern world.

While the methods and rituals that accompany the application of mehndi may differ, all these cultures are united with the love of this fragrant natural tattoo.

Mehendi is counted one among the 'solah shringar' and is an important part of adornment for a woman. But it is noteworthy to know that the mehndi also provides a lot of medicinal goodness to the wearer.

It is said to be anti-bacterial in nature. Applying it on the hands and feet makes sure that the wearers are free of disease-causing germs. It also cools the body of the women down and helps reduce stress.

Today, let us take a look at the various designs that you can use to adorn your hands with this Karwa Chauth, in which mehndi plays a very important role.


The Peacock Design

These designs are elegant that can be used to show your creativity. To use this design, start with a peacock motif on your forearm and then use patterns like chains and dots to create a complete look. This is an Indian mehendi design and you may need a little experience and dexterity to create this look.


The Simple Design For The Back Of Your Hands

This is a pretty simple design and can be created by someone with minimal experience of mehendi designs. This look can be created on the inner palms too, but is more suited for the back of your hands. Dots, lines and flower patterns dominate this design. Choose a pretty nail colour to compliment your deep red of the final mehendi.


The Elegant Indian Design

This particular design cannot be described as anything other than elegant. The lines are neat and clean. The design is particularly distinct for the use of the pearl chain forming dots used often in the design. This design is best tried by someone who is adept at using mehendi cones.


The Arabic Design Running Up The Fingers

Arabic mehendi designs are very popular with the youth. It calls for very little time and effort, and the look can be created by almost anyone with a minimal experience of applying mehendi. This design starts at the base of the forearm and then builds upon itself to run into the point finger and the middle finger. The classy use of shading has to be noted in this design.


The Pair Of Arabic Designs

Usually, women prefer to wear mehendi only on one of their palms, as it lets them free to use their other arm for chores and other work. Here, you can see the earlier design paired with a similar design on the other hand too. You may require another person to help you with the application of mehendi on your dominant hand.


Arabic Design For The Back Of Your Hand

This is a simple design that can be used to beautify the back of your hand. This design is apt for the amateur mehendi artist in you. You need a simple pattern that can run into your point finger to create a stunning look.


The Checkered Design/Chess Board Pattern

The use of checks or the chess board pattern in your mehendi design makes your mehendi look classy and sophisticated. This pattern can be used either at the base of the forearm, as a huge block (as shown in this particular design) or used as a filler in flower or ratchet patterns. It is easy to make. Just fill in the alternate boxes with mehendi and leave the boxes in between.


Tear Drop Design

This design is another example of the Arabic mehendi pattern that runs into your fingers. But what makes this design distinct is the use of tear drop motifs. The tear drops are excellent patterns to create border and to fill empty spaces. Making these tear drops may require some practice and experience, but the end result is totally worth it.

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