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How To Create Sunset Eyes

By Shabana

Ah!...the sunset.... It's the most beautiful time of the day. Everything is so beautiful and the sky is filled with a myriad of colours. Nature never fails to awe us. It has served as an inspiration to many artists and naturalists.

What if we can recreate the magic of nature? Yes, the beautiful colours of the sunset can be incorporated in our make-up through - sunset eyes.

Sunset eyes is the latest trend in eye make-up where the colours used in the eye shadow replicate the setting sun. Colours like orange, yellow and hints of burgundy are used and all the colours are merged seamlessly. It looks gorgeous when applied correctly.

How To Create Sunset Eyes

Given below is the step-by-step procedure to get amazing sunset eyes:

Things You Will Need To Start

1) An eye shadow palate with yellow, orange and burgundy shades.

2) An eye shadow palate with nude shades.

3) Eye shadow brushes.

4) Primer.

5) Loose powder.

6) Liquid liner.

7) Mascara.

Step-By-Step Method To Attain Perfect Sunset Eyes

1) Primer

Use a good primer on your eyelids. A primer will help keep your eye make-up for long.

2) Divide Your Eyes Into Sections

Mentally divide your eyes into three sections. The first one starting from the corner of the eyes to the start of your iris. The next one is your complete iris. The last part is the third section.

3) The Base

Apply a white base to the entire eyelid. This will make the colours pop more.

4) The First Section

Apply yellow colour eye shadow to the first section of the eye.

5) The Second Section

Orange to the second section should be applied. Remember to apply it only on the iris. Use a soft brush to blend both the colours where they meet. This creates an ombre effect.

6) The Third Section

Apply burgundy colour to the outer edge of the eye. Again blend the meeting points of orange and red. At the very edge of the eye lid, you can apply a dark shade of purple or magenta to give depth to the look. You can also wear it at evening parties this way. If you want it for a casual day look, skip the magenta.

7) Final Touches

Apply awith a felt-tip black liner and finish off with mascara.

Although the look is not too dramatic, make sure to use it on special occasions. Also, use neutral shades for the rest of your make-up so as to not go OTT.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, August 8, 2017, 19:00 [IST]
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