9 Questions Answered On How To Apply A Highlighter On Face

Now that you have added or you are planning to buy a highlighter for your face, you first need to learn the use of it.

Well, despite your foundation, powder, blush or bronzer, you use a highlighter in order to give your face a dewy look.

Highlighter is applied before powder on the face and only on perimeters of the face. Perimeters of the face imply areas that are exposed to the sun - forehead, chin, cheekbones and a little more.

applying a highlighter

Coming to the application of a highlighter on face, it is also dependent on the kind of highlighter you use - liquid, powder or cream.

Mentioned below are a few queries on highlighters that have been answered, take a look.

Which Highlighter To Buy?

Your selection of the highlighter should depend on your skin tone or complextion:

  • If you have dark skin, you need warm golden tones of highlighter.
  • Those with fair complexion need icy colours of highlighter with pink undertones.
  • Those with sallow skin need pink toned highlighters.

How To Apply Highlighter On Forehead?

To apply highlighter on forehead, first take a very small scoop and dab it right at the center in line with the middle of your eyebrows. The mid section of your forehead receives maximum sunlight and so limit it here. Do not drag the highlighter to the sides of your forehead.

How To Make The Nose Appear Thinner With A Highlighter?

To make the nose appear thinner with a highlighter, you have to dab a very small amount of it on the tip of your nose and blend it right. Do not apply a highlighter on the start or sides of your nose. Apply highlight at the tip of your nose and make it look thin, just use your index finger and a little amount of the highlighter.

How To Apply Liquid Highlighter On The Face?

  • To apply liquid highlighter, you have to use it after your foundation and concealer; before powder and blush.
  • To apply liquid highlighter, you should use a blending sponge. Put the liquid highlighter in dots on the perimeter of your face and blend out in a dabbing motion, with the sponge.

How To Apply Cream Highlighter On The Face?

Use of cream highlighter depends on how much shimmer you want. Apply cream highlighter after foundation and concealer; before powder and blush. This gives a natural look. If you want a very glowy and shimmery look, then apply the cream highlighter after powder application, at the end of your face makeup.

How To Apply Powder Highlighter On The Face?

To apply powder highlighter, always use a medium and angled synthetic brush. Dab the brush directly into the highlighter and apply it onto the face followed by blending out. On powder highlighter, you can skip using your usual face powder or blush.

Which Highlighter Suits Your Skin Tone?

  • Liquid highlighter caters to dry skin or for those living in a colder climate.
  • Cream highlighter are for those with normal or combination skin.
  • Powder highlighter are for those with oily skin or to be used in tropical climate.

How To Apply Highlighter Around The Eyes?

To apply highlighter around the eyes, start with the inner corners of the eyes, blend out right underneath your brow bone. Use an eye highlighter brush for this purpose.

How To Apply Highlighter Around The Lips?

Many do not know that a highlighter can be used around the lips. To use a highlighter on the lips, apply it before the lipstick for highlighting the colour.
For a multi-dimensional effect of your lipstick, apply a touch of the highlighter over your lipstick.

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    Story first published: Friday, September 8, 2017, 22:30 [IST]
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