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Everything You Need To Know About Eyelash Extensions

By Shabana

Women can go to any length for the sake of looking good. Our celebrities often give a perception of beauty, which is commonly unachievable by us mere mortals. But that doesn't stop us from achieving our goals.

Women want to look like their idols at all cost. They do not mind going on extreme diets to get the figure or do not hesitate to go under the knife. Every look of the celebrities is closely followed by women all over the world.

Eyelash extensions

Latest trends, such as overdrawn lips, waxed eyebrows, or even extended eyelashes, are trending on the net. What is that you ask? Apparently, ladies are just not satisfied with the old convenient form of defining their eyelashes anymore.

So, they are opting for fake glued-on lashes on their eyes to make them more appealing and give them that fluttering effect when they blink. All for the sake of fashion!

Eyelash extensions are a latest fad among the ladies all around the world. There are three types of lash extensions that can be commonly found - silk, synthetic and mink (in different sizes, depending on person to person). Most of the salons are equipped with this service.

Eyelash extensions can come in the form of an extension for individual lash or common lash for the whole eye. Individual eyelashes are extremely costly and time consuming to get on with.

Also, you need to visit a certified expert to put it on, as there are chances of getting an eye infection if the tools or materials used in the process are not safe enough to be used around the eyes.

The whole process may take 2-3 hours. They usually last a year with touch-ups required every two to three weeks.

Hence, following are the important points to be remembered when opting for eyelash extensions.

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- Avoid using cheap lashes, as they are manufactured using cheap raw materials which can harm your eye.
- Using the right tools is very important. Visiting a certified expert is highly recommended.
- Before buying an eyelash extension, it is always a good idea to try it on once to rule out any possible allergy.
- The weight of the lash extensions is also important. Our eyelids are extremely delicate. Good-quality extensions are light, which will not affect our eyelids. Mink eyelashes are said to be feather-light, as they are hollow from the inside.
- Do not wet your lashes for at least 24 hours after the procedure.
- Regular touch-ups are important if you want to maintain the look or else the extensions will just fall out along with your eyelash.
- Never remove the lashes by yourself under any circumstances. Always take the help of an expert.
- The most important tip while opting for eyelash extensions is to ask your technician about the type of glue which will be used for the process. Always remember to never opt for glue that contains formaldehyde in its solution, as it is extremely dangerous for your eyes.

If you are the one who swears by natural remedies, then castor oil is effective to grow your lashes long and thick. But if you still are adamant on the extensions, then just remember the above-mentioned points and you are good to go.

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    Story first published: Thursday, July 20, 2017, 15:48 [IST]
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