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Durga Puja Special: Must-have Beauty Buys On Your Radar

Durga puja isn't just about decking up in new and flashy clothes and adorning stunning make-up looks. Along with getting colourful festive clothes, you need to pamper yourself as well. And for that, you need the right kind of cosmetics and beauty tools to get the glowy and dewy look of the festive season.

To get the best beauty look this Durga Puja, how about adding some new beauty tools and cosmetics to your existing ones? These beauty products will contribute to your puja look and are very new in makeup stores. Browse the list of must-have beauty buys for this Durga Puja and research on the ones you plan to buy.

The following beauty products are available from different brands and in a variety. So, pick the ones that suit your skin and hair to look the best this Durga Puja.


Tinted Moisturiser

Bid farewell to your usual foundation and pick up a tinted moisturiser. Used much less in quantity than foundation, buying tinted moisturiser is beneficial for the upcoming Durga Puja because it has a better hydrating capacity. Pick up a tinted moisturiser based on your skin's complexion. And once you apply this, please do not use a foundation as that will be major make-up blunder. To ensure your skin is nourished yet even toned for make-up this Durga Puja, do buy a tinted moisturiser.


Dry Shampoo

Durga Puja is indeed hectic and run for five days. Your hair will surely give up in the middle and you don't have time for a hair wash amidst the puja. Don't worry, as all online and offline make-up stores now offer a wide range of dry shampoos. In fact, dry shampoos now come in different sizes and different types to better suit different hair types. Pick up a dry shampoo that caters to your hair problems and helps you carry a grand hairstyle all though the Durga Puja. Please note, dry shampoo should be applied only to the roots of the hair.


Micellar Water

Well, your hectic Durga Puja schedule might be tough on your face. At the end of the day, you won't have the energy to pamper your skin. Here is one solution that can save your skin during the puja days. Buy a bottle of micellar water and at the end of the day wash your face and wipe it off with this special kind of skincare product. This, at the same time, cleanses, tones and moisturises your skin and can be applied on all skin types.


Sheet Mask

Exactly like your hair, your face might also give up during Durga Puja. To appear vibrant and glamorous, buy a pack of sheet masks. Though you have to spend little extra time to let this react on your face, once you apply it and pull it off, your face will have its own glow. When using sheet masks, avoid talking or any facial activity as it will harm the facial muscles. Sheet masks should be used on a clean, dry face early in the morning before you go out to worship the goddess.


Eye Primer, Cream And Base

All women own eye make-up and the list ends at kohl, eyeliner and mascara. This Durga Puja go beyond these three products and prepare extra nourishing eye make-up kits with an eye primer, a cream and a base. The eye primer and base have to be applied before the eye make-up so that it lasts long. The eye cream has to be applied at the end of the day during moisturising so that the thinnest layer of your skin is well nourished and all set for a good night's sleep.


Body Polishing Kit

Start your Durga Puja this year with a good body polishing kit. A body polishing kit consists of an exfoliator and pack. The advantage of getting a body polishing kit is, it is applied all over your body and not face. Usually, lot of taking care happens on the face and not on the body. With a body polishing kit, get extra glamorous this Durga Puja. It's will not be only your face but your body will also exert an ultra glow on all five days of the puja, when you use a body polishing kit.



One compulsory problem men and women face every year during Durga Puja is tired and dirty feet. On all days of the puja, end your day with a pampering pedicure session. This time, do your pedicure with a PedEgg that helps get rid of all dead cells and skin faster, providing extra relief to the feet. You won't need it on all days of the puja as the effects of using a PedEgg once lasts for months.


Coloured Eyeliner And Mascara

One of the make-up trends that you can easily follow this durga puja is colouring your eyes from all ends. To colour your eyes, you have to use coloured eyeliner and mascara. Buy different colours of coloured eyeliner and mascara. Wear them in par with the colour of your clothes to look all dazzling and festive this Durga Puja.

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