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Beauty Products You Must Own, According To Your Zodiac

By: Rima Chowdhury

Did you ever want to know which cosmetic would suit you best as per your zodiac sign? Here we have listed the sun signs and the beauty products that would go best with these signs. Read to know more about the beauty products according to your sun sign.

According to the latest talks of the experts, it is said that you should always find cosmetics according to your sun sign.
Astrology is the blueprint of our characters, and our characters vary in different energies, depending on when we were born and what sign we were born under.

Just like how sun sign can help to reflect the personality traits of a person, it can also decide the type of makeup product you should be using.
So, check out for the best beauty products as per each sun sign.


1. Scorpio

Vibrant and high energy are the best features of a woman belonging to this sun sign. You should go for purple or deep red lipstick, in order to show off the vibrant energy in you. To achieve that flawless makeup, you should complement your bold lips with a dark eyeliner.


2. Sagittarius

Sagittarians are people who believe in practical things. You should use more of tinted lipstick or balm to keep your skin to look fresh and natural. Sagittarius women should opt for sunkissed makeup and avoid using bright colours.


3. Capricorn

Capricorns are known for their fun-loving behaviour and hence they must be very careful in opting for the right makeup look. You should be wearing a pink-shaded lipstick along with a tinted lip balm.


4. Aquarius

Aquarians are quite original and passionate by behaviour. They love to show off the naughty yet original side of their personality and hence a dark coloured lipstick along with a coloured eyeliner can go well for these women.


5. Pisces

Pisceans are famous for their emotional feeling. They love to be simple and rich by looks and hence a compact powder along with a tinted lip balm are the best options according to the sun sign. BB cream is also one of the best products for you, as you love to be clean.


6. Aries

Women born in this sun sign love to be the center of attention. They want to look good in each possible way they can. Aries women should wear bright pink or red-coloured liquid lipsticks and a sweet perfume in order to achieve what they're aiming at.


7. Taurus

A Taurus woman is someone who loves to carry high-end and luxury things along with her. Taurus women should indulge in more of high-brand face powders, lipsticks, and a blush for makeup.


8. Gemini

The women belonging to this zodiac sign are known for their multi-tasking quality and hence they can multitask with loose powder, a BB cream and tinted moisturiser. They love to keep themselves busy and hence all sorts of makeup would suit them.


9. Cancer

Women from this sun sign are known for their loyal and emotional behaviour. We recommend a sweet perfume along with a high-brand primer and a dark lipstick to complement with. Make sure you always carry a soothing facial spray as well.


10. Leo

Leos are super-creative and hence we suggest a palette of eyeshadow, which helps to bring out your creativity level. You can carry around a bold lipstick or a layer of dark eyeshadow. Carrying a bold makeup look can help to show your creative side.


11. Virgo

A Virgo woman is a true perfectionist and hence we recommend a perfect manicure, a liquid liner for the perfect eyes, and a mascara to get the long lashes. Yes girl, you're gonna take all the attention tonight.


12. Libra

Women belonging to this sun sign would just love to relax always. You should opt for a simple yet attractive makeup such as a pink blush, pumpkin spice eyeshadow, and a facial mist. They love to carry themselves in a simple yet attractive way.

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Story first published: Friday, January 13, 2017, 16:00 [IST]
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