What To Do When Your Eyeliner Runs Dry

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Eyeliner is that one thing that almost all women have in their vanities, even makeup novices. So, we'll tell you what to do when your eyeliner runs dry.

Eyeliners can run dry if they have been kept in really cold or dark places. So, be sure to store them well. Thankfully, there are some ways to save that ruined makeup. This happens a lot with gel and liquid-based liners.

Sometimes, even kajal pencils and felt-tip liners fall prey to this and get ruined. So, what do you do when your prized makeup is so close to getting ruined? Throw it all away? We hope not.

A lot of women end up throwing away makeup that can be fixed because of lack of knowledge on how to fix it. So, that is why, we will be sharing with you hacks and tips on what to do with dry eyeliners and how to fix makeup that is going to be ruined.

They are really simple hacks and once you know of them, you'd be wondering why you never thought of these tips before! So, here are the hacks.

1. Lens Solution: A few drops of lens solution into your liquid eyeliner will help it get its fluidity back in no time at all.

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2. Baby Oil: This hack is for gel eyeliners only. Gel eyeliners tend to get flaky and dry after a few months. Add just a tiny drop of baby oil to it and leave it as it is overnight. It'll be ready to be used once again in the morning.

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3. Lighter: Sometimes pencil eyeliners get a little hard and become difficult to use. Run it across a lighter flame for a few seconds and it'll be good for use again.

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4. Gel Eyeliner: When your marker eyeliner gets dried up, use the tip of the liner with a gel eyeliner. This combination will give you the winged eyeliner of your dreams.

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5. Reverse Sides: And when the felt liner tip becomes too blunt, just reverse it's side and use the other end of the felt-tip liner, which is a very easy eyeliner hack to remember.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 22, 2016, 20:00 [IST]
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