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Vintage Hollywood Retro Makeup Look

By: Riddhi Roy

Go take a look at Marilyn Monroe or any other old time Hollywood beauty. What do you see? Classic glamour, with a bold red lip and eyeliner wings sharp enough to kill. Everyone wants to recreate such a classy look. The face is mostly clean and devoid of too much color.

This look can go with most clothes, be it an elegant black evening gown, a beautiful black sari or even the simple white shirt blue jeans combination. The makeup would amp up the simple clothes to make the entire look seem glamorous. But obviously this look isn't suitable for everyday, as it can be a little time consuming and over the top for regular wear. It is a classic look that everyone should know how to do, as it's the easiest glamorous look to achieve, and is one of the basic looks for anyone who is slightly obsessed with makeup.

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how to get that retro make up look

Here I'll be giving you a step by step procedure of how to achieve this look easily.

  • Start with a clean, moisturised face. Prep your entire face with a primer. This would help the makeup last longer.
  • Put an eyeshadow primer on your eyelids to ensure the eyeshadow doesn't crease. Start with a light beige shade on your browbone to highlight the arch. Use a light brown matte shade on the crease of your eyelid as a transition shade. Blend the two shades completely. Use a soft gold shade on the entire eyelid and blend till all the shades are seamless.
how to get that retro make up look
  • Line your upper eyelid with a matte black liquid eyeliner, as liquid liners are the most pigmented. Use a pen eyeliner to draw the wing. To achieve that sharp wing with precision, a pen eyeliner is the best. Finish with two-three coats of mascara on the upper lashline.

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how to get that retro make up look
  • Apply foundation on the entire face and blend with a damp blending sponge to achieve an airbrushed finish. Use a highlighting concealer underneath your eyes, on the bridge of your nose, your cupids bow, and any other area that may have blemishes. Use the sponge to blend the concealer and foundation together. The sponge also picks up any excess product, ensuring your face doesn't look too caked up.
  • Use a nude or white eyeliner on your lower waterline. Finish the eyes with mascara on your lower lashes.
how to get that retro make up look
  • Use a light red blush on the apples of your cheeks to add a pop of colour.
  • Finish the look with a bold matte red lipstick. The matte lip is the essence of the entire look.

Thats the entire makeup look made easy! I hope you try it out!

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 19, 2016, 3:00 [IST]
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