Quick Steps To Pull Off White Eyeliner

By: Rima Chowdhury

White eyeliner is the best eyeliner and the most feared eyeliner as well because there is an underlying fact that women do not know how to use it. They are afraid that using white eyeliner can make their face look awkward and eyes bigger.

However, if by chance you got a white eyeliner pencil from a beauty store and don't know how to use it yet, check out some of these tips to rock that white liner in the best way possible.

Whether light or wrong, using white eyeliner can help to intensify your eye and make it look awesome.

Have a look at the tips to apply a white eyeliner.


1. Eyeliner

When you use white eyeliner as a conventional eyeliner on your inner eye lashes, it helps to make your eyeballs appear bigger than the actual size. Using white eyeliner on the inner eyelash can allow your eye to be the major attraction by looking nice, big and bold. You can blend your white eyeliner with another coloured eyeliner to make it look more superior and attractive.


2. Form Coloured Layers

If you want to get a dramatic look using white eyeliner, you can make a few layers, so that your eye looks incredible. Begin with two thick layers of a white eyeliner followed by brown or dark black colour liner over it. Add some brown or silver colour eye shadow to recreate the complete look.


3. Tint Other Eyeliners

White liner is the only eyeliner which can help to tint other eyeliners. If you are unable to get a particular colour of eyeliner, you can easily do it with a white eyeliner. The colour tends to vary slightly after you use the white eyeliner over the coloured one. The additional move, using white liquid eyeliner can help to make your eye makeup last longer.


4. Highlight Inner Corner Line

In order to pop your eye, it is always good to use white eyeliner to highlight your inner corner. You can achieve the opera look by applying white eyeliner only on the lower eyelashes. To make your eye pop instantly, make a V on the lower inner of the eye and smudge it around using some bright colours.


5. Hide Blemishes

No other eyeliner can help to hide blemishes on the face, expect your white eyeliner. If you have reddish blemishes around the eye area, you can use the white eyeliner to neutralise the effect. This is especially important for those who have dark circles and red marks under the eye.


Tips & Secrets To Use The White Eyeliner

• You should avoid using white eyeliner without finishing off with a black eyeliner close to your eye line.
• You should avoid forming thick layers of white eyeliner under your eye, unless you are very sure that you won't end up looking like a ghost.
• Avoid gathering too much white eyeliner on the corner of your eye; instead use a tissue paper to get rid of the excess colour.
• For people who are searching for alternatives for a white eyeliner, you should use silver, off white or gold coloured eyeliners.
• Whenever you are using eyelashes on your upper lash line, you should blend white eyeliner with a dark brown or a dark black coloured mascara.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 27, 2016, 20:00 [IST]
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